A Perfect Mother’s Day

First, a disclaimer: There was a time when I hated Mother’s Day. Specifically, 2002 and 2003 were the worst. When you struggle with infertility, Mother’s Day is a cruel reminder of what you cannot have. Equally, Mother’s Day can be unbearable when you’ve lost a child, lost your mother, or are grieving for other family related issues. So, this post is not made in vain. In fact, when Mother’s Day turned into a holiday I could indeed celebrate, it was not without a solemn reminder of those who are still waiting for a child of their own.

This year, Mother’s Day was exactly what I wanted and needed. After sleeping in and spending several hours in bed sipping coffee and watching reruns of The Golden Girls, I emerged from the bedroom and said, “Let’s go hiking!”

So we did.

Hiking on Mothers Day

Then we came home for lunch, dropped off the dog, and grabbed the canoe.

Canoeing on Mothers Day

I so dearly love East Tennessee.

Tennessee is beautiful

Chuck and Jeremy threw a few lines in the water. The fish were biting, but barely.

For dinner we grilled out and then I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I deflected all questions from the boys by referring them to their dad. I wanted to enjoy the company of my children but not be entirely responsible for them. They did their best not to argue with one another in my presence. I was impressed.

Their homemade Mother’s Day cards could not have been more accurate and in line with their personalities and relationship with me. Jeremy’s best line: “Also, always know when I’m in a bad mood it’s most likely that I’m just hungry and I don’t mean it.” 

Jeremy's Mothers Day card

Jackson’s best line: “I love you as much as God.” 

Jackson's Mothers Day card

Truly, Mother’s Day was a blessing. My cup overflows.

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