Just a little bit busy

The summer started with an out-of-town wedding with friends. Happily and graciously, I was hired to be the photographer, and I spent the solid week prior in fits of worry over it. The perfectionist in me cannot handle the thought of broken equipment, a faulty SD card, event calamity, or any other problem that’s out of my control. If all things aligned, the photos would be beautiful.

Thankfully, all things aligned. I am in the middle of editing 300 beautiful photos that I cannot wait to share with the grooms and their family and friends. Here is the tiniest sneak peek:

JEM_8844 low

DSC_0008 low

JEM_8882 low

JEM_8967 low

JEM_8983 low

What made the weekend extra lovely was that I got to spend it with these ladies:

The girls at Joseph and Joe's wedding

Together, the four of us tended to a million tiny details, from hanging string lights to stacking hand-painted martini glasses, and I couldn’t imaging doing the work alongside anyone else.

In between editing photos, I’m still doing math with Jeremy, still trying to read through a stack of books, and still trying to finish writing my own book. The monastery retreat is just two months away and it’s my goal to finish the manuscript there. Additionally, we’re hiring for a new position at UKirk. So yeah, I’m just a little bit busy, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

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