Then the garden exploded

We’ve been drenched with rain for a solid week, or so it felt, during which I ignored the garden. Last I saw the little baby plants were sprouting mightily and gaining some height. Then yesterday, on the first solidly dry day, I went outside to inspect the garden and found that it had doubled in size.

garden in early June 2016

Remind me next year not to put the zucchini (bottom left) next to the cucumbers (bottom right). Not wise plant placement!

Zucchini blooms:

zucchini bloom

Grow strong, little cucumber:

Grow strong little cucumber

My favorite! Next year, more Japanese Eggplant!

first japanese eggplant

Still don’t know what to expect out of this artichoke, but I’m keeping an eye out for something that looks familiar:


Tiny garden spider makes himself at home:

Garden spider

And finally, the property manager, who would like to be left alone, thank you very much:

Salem in June

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