Second photo dump from Key West

We rented scooters to get to Higgs Beach, which meant it was time for Chuck and I to recreate our 1997 Key West photo that we love so dearly. Ignore the time stamp – it was not 1994. I didn’t know how to change the date on my 35mm camera, so on record every event happened in January 1994. This photo was taken in July 1997 – a selfie before selfies existed – on a scooter.

TBT 1997 Key West

This one was taken on October 9, 2016 – a legit selfie – on a scooter.


Higgs Beach was calm with a delightful breeze. We got in the water only briefly, then scooted around the island drunk on nostalgia.



On Monday we opted for a four-hour sailboat cruise with snorkeling and kayaking and happy hour. We even caught the sunset. (I didn’t snorkel or kayak since I’ve been there/done that and I’m happy to sip wine on a boat.)

But first, I enjoyed a slice of Chocolate-Covered Key Lime Pie on a stick:




The afternoon got more beautiful as it went along.





Third and last photo dump… 

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