Sixth and Eighth Grade

Here we go – our seventh year of homeschooling, navigating this crazy path I never imagined. Again, I am shocked that this is what we do, and yet I cannot imagine doing it any other way. We are the luckiest ducks I know.

Lest you think we’re holding our children captive behind the bars of homeschooling, I assure you they love it.

Jeremy is a month away from turning 14 and told me multiple times that he has “a good feeling about this year.” Be it his co-op classes or his new job or feeling confident about his soccer skills, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Though much has changed with this boy in the last year in regards to maturity and responsibility, he is consistent in his love for Legos, Harry Potter, animals and sea life, soccer, and spending time with friends.

We are immensely proud of him. Jeremy consistently shows a desire to be challenged and trusted. Even when he fails, the turnaround time to correction is quick. Jeremy is intuitive and sharp, and his sense of humor gets better every day.

Jackson starts sixth grade today, which means we have two middle schoolers in the house at the same time!

Jackson continues to be our happy, spunky sports-loving kiddo who always brings light to a room. He is crazy smart in math, which is why he’s a grade ahead in that department. We continue to encourage his interest in becoming a statistician. He still reads a ton, sleeps a ton, and loves his stuffed animals as if they are real. (I was the same way.)

While he loves watching sports of all kinds, Jackson continues to struggle with balance and spatial awareness, so he recently started occupational therapy to help sort those things out. I’m excited to see his handwriting improve!

Seriously, his smile is the best.

We’re all excited for this school year. We’ve settled in nicely at our co-op and the boys are thrilled with the classes they’re taking. I’m teaching three courses, which I confess makes me a touch nervous. The workload feels heavy, but hopefully I’ve prepared well enough to manage accordingly.

Cheers to a good year. May we all make it out unscathed.

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