BrickUniverse LEGO Convention

When word got out that a LEGO convention was coming to Knoxville, Jeremy insisted we attend. As if there was any doubt! We love LEGOs in this house. It’s one of the few things I enjoy playing alongside my boys, as well as the LEGO video games (LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Marvel, etc.). We bought our tickets as soon as they went on sale, so it was a long summer countdown to the last weekend in August.

The first section of displays were cityscapes, impressive constructions that required hundreds of hours of concentration. Here’s Chicago:

LEGO County Fair and concert:


I love that the professional LEGO builders have a sense of humor. Always look for the hidden gems in every display. For example, this looks like a regular LEGO town:

But the Avengers are always watching:

Apparently Princess Leia and Darth Vader have an office above Starbucks:

LEGO Mardi Gras:

Emmet and Wyldstyle at Mardi Gras:

C3PO and R2D2 in a standoff at Mardi Gras:

Any Lady Gaga fans out there?

Jeremy was particularly in awe of the ginormous, eight-story Death Star:

However, the vendor Jeremy and his friends were most looking forward to seeing was BrickMania, a group who builds and sells custom historical scenes, vehicles, ships, and other paraphernalia. Here is their version of the USS Nicholas:

Of course, they also have a sense of humor:

Here were my favorites:

1980s LEGO Minifigures!

Jeremy and Foster participated in a building contest where they were given a mishmash of random LEGO bricks and told to construct a house. A younger kiddo won their round, to which they replied, “That was rigged! They let the little kid win cause he was cute.”

For those uninterested in competition, there were dozens of tables scattered throughout the room with loose bricks for building:

All the kids had a great time! They even let me snap a group photo on the way out:

Until next time!



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