Newborn sessions are my favorite

I adore taking photos of newborns. They’re squishy, sleepy, easy to move around and put in cozy positions. I love the all the possibilities of themes and outfits, all the creative editing one can do. The options are endless.

But I also love the simplicity of fingertips, toes, eyelashes, and pouty lips. Those are the things I miss about my boys’ infancies, so ultimately they become the things I want to capture for new moms who want to remember how little their babies used to be.

In a couple of weeks, she won’t sleep this much. She won’t lay this still or be this quiet.

In no time flat, this little one will be sitting up, blabbering, and grabbing small objects to put in herĀ mouth. She will be crawling, then pulling up, and attempting to walk from the couch to the coffee table.

But now, right now, she is this small andĀ this sweet, which is why I needed to capture it.

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