Jackson turns 12

The first time Jackson asked to repaint his bedroom, which had been a shade of light blue since buying this house in 2012, I knew he wasn’t going to give up easily. It was a year ago and I kept putting him off.

Then, last month, I decided that this would make the perfect birthday gift and told him he could look forward to it. Since then he’s been counting the days! He found the perfect shade of yellow – “Jackfruit” by Behr – a bold yellow that matched most of his favorite sports teams (Green Bay Packers, South Dakota State Jackrabbits, Nashville Predators) and his Hufflepuff banner. The name of the paint was a bonus.

Chuck and I started the paint job Friday and he was sleeping in his new room by Saturday. Yellow suits him perfects. He is our Happy Jack through and through.

We celebrated Jackson’s 12th birthday as a family on Sunday since Monday was packed full of work obligations for Chuck and an all-day soccer camp for Jeremy. On request we had burgers for dinner and Paula Deen’s Gooey Butter Cake for dessert. He opened a few gifts from us and a couple from my parents, and then we went to the lake to fish for a while. It had been a busy weekend of busting our tails inside and outside the house – painting, pulling weeds, moving river rocks, and sweating bullets. To end the weekend on the water, even for an hour, was just the slow-paced family time we needed.

Yesterday was Jackson’s official birthday, which he spent with me in the morning and his sweet friend Libby in the afternoon.

I took the pair to a trampoline park in town, then out for lunch and ice cream.

They jumped for nearly an hour, then they retreated to a spot to talk and catch up, as they’d not seen each other in a couple of weeks.

By the evening more presents had come in the mail and Jackson enjoyed a couple of well-wishing phone calls from family members. The perks of spreading his birthday over a weekend meant there were several days of celebrating, not just the one.

Last night I showed Jackson all of the Facebook posts and comments directed his way, a gesture that brought literal tears to his eyes. He feels everything so deeply, so while some kids may not care one way or another if people wish them well online or in text, Jackson absorbs it. He said, “I feel so special,” to which I replied, “You are so special!” 

Thanks to all who took a moment to send him love. He feels it! 

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