December so far

We have officially crawled into Christmas break, and, to be honest, it wasn’t pretty. The fall semester has been a maelstrom of life lessons about prioritizing, managing time and choosing battles. We are all nursing our wounds. 

It took a few weeks to even recognize that Christmas had rolled around again, and I wasn’t entirely sure we’d get up a tree in time for it to be worth a darn. Eventually, Chuck picked one up on a night he returned from a trip, and I threw on minimal decorations over the course of a few days. Mission accomplished, and I think I prefer a less-is-more tree after all.¬†

We added a new dove to the tree this year in memory of Chuck’s dad.

I also brought out my nutcracker collection and the two gnomes we bought in Iceland last year. These things make me smile. Of course, Timmy also reappeared. Jackson is not ready to let that dang elf go on back to the North Pole. (Truth be told, I don’t actually mind him.)¬†

We’re all exhausted and ready for R&R, but Jeremy is in true recovery mode, as he just had surgery this morning to repair his deviated septum. It’s a procedure we anticipated, but we had to wait until he was 15 years old (per doctor’s orders). In conjunction with getting his tonsils out earlier this year, Jeremy’s breathing, which was otherwise partly obstructed, should be all clear now. The real test will be in the spring when soccer starts again.

Jeremy also got his braces off Monday. I’ll get a photo of him eventually!

After a post-op, follow-up appointment later this week, we’ll officially call the calendar year done and coast into January with our feet up (Lord willing). Looking back on the last few months, we were too busy and too stressed. Lessons learned, we cut out overwhelming commitments and shifted a few things homeschooling-wise. Here’s hoping that puts us in a better place for spring. Fingers crossed!

Also, I’ll try to get a family photo between now and then. Promise. 

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