F1: A New Obsession

I don’t know if this is a short-lived phase or the beginning of something, but I’ve become a Formula 1 fan, and it’s pretty bad.

It all started when Chuck texted me from the den on Friday, March 8.

Don’t you love that threat at the end? I don’t waste time on bad television, so yeah – It better be good.

We finished the short series in a matter of days, and I am here for it.

Since March 8, I have Googled a million questions about Formula 1, researched teams and drivers, learned what chassis and front wing means, and studied the 2019 World Championship Race Calendar. F1’s 1000th race happens this weekend in China, and I cannot wait to watch it.

I’ve lived in the south for the bulk of my life, and not once have I been interested in Nascar. Even when Chuck texted “documentary about Formula 1,” I had to clarify, “Racing?”

But hoo-boy is Formula 1 exciting! The money, the speed, the personalities and brands, the travel – all of it. I’m all in. I’m downloading podcasts and watching YouTube videos and reading Wikipedia pages at every turn. I’m pulling for Haas, the only American-owned team, but I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for Williams, a team that’s experiencing a slump but has an exceptional racing legacy and is run by the only female deputy team principal in the sport.

I fully acknowledge that I could get burned out and lose interest, but so far, I’m going strong. I’m throwing out terms like I’ve known them my whole life, critiquing slow pit stops and holding my breath when a driver overtakes on a tough turn. I’m acting like this is how it’s always been.

But really, it’s not even been two months, and I’m biting my fingernails wondering how it’s gonna go down in China this weekend.

Monaco Grand Prix

Just when I thought I’d be bored until football season, I have ten races between now and September to keep me satisfied.

Warning: Watch “Drive to Survive” at your own risk. You too could get sucked in to the world of Formula 1.

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