Costa Rica: Day 5

On our fifth day, Chuck and I got up early to drive around the property to take photos and then go horseback riding. (Jeff and Jacob got up early to golf.) The whole getting-up-early-thing wasn’t specific to this day. The sun rose at 5:30 a.m., and despite being in the Central Time zone, they don’t do Daylight’s Savings, so we were functioning on one-to-two hours behind our normal schedules. Our bodies naturally woke up early based on our own time zones, but it was odd to be seeing one another at 6:30 in the morning while on vacation.

Jeremy took this photo of Jeff and Jacob when they played the 18th hole, which was essentially in our backyard.

Reserva Conchal is a sweeping, stunning piece of land, so having golf carts on hand to explore the property was a bonus. Check out this view from above the trees:

The golf course and group of private homes are flanked by two resorts – the W Hotel and the Westin.

We had access to both for a fee, but the Reserva Conchal Beach Club suited us just fine. (We never swam in the pools since we had our own amazing pool at the house.)

We ate dinner at the club twice!

It’s through the club where we access the beach, which was truly one of the most beautiful coastlines I’d ever seen.

Chuck and I have been horseback riding before, but never on a beach. When in Costa Rica, do the thing you’ve never done!

My horse was slow 🙂

But riding behind Chuck gave me the opportunity to photograph him.

We just took our time.

The last perk during horseback riding was finally seeing the howler monkeys we’d been hearing the past few days.

The rest of our fifth day was spent swimming in the pool and hanging out at the beach so folks could jet ski, swim, and read.

Costa Rican money is way cuter than American money.

At this point, we had one full day left in Costa Rica, so that end-of-vacation sadness was starting to set in. We also had to get our antigen tests done in order to re-enter the U.S. on Thursday. Thankfully, the doctor came to us.

We were all negative 🙂

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