Second Snow of 2022

The snow started falling in the late afternoon yesterday and didn’t stop until this morning. We finally got a good and proper snowfall.

We went to bed Sunday night knowing more snow was coming. Sure enough, we woke up this morning with all the warm, fuzzy feelings of an old school snow day.

Major always loves a snow day!

Jackson and I weren’t interested in sledding, but Chuck and Jeremy were. Major was there to bark at them all the way down.

It’s no secret that I love where we live, and I particularly love our home. For an Army brat who moved every few years and continued to move a bunch in adulthood, I learned not to get attached to houses. Yet, this house has become my most favorite out of all of them.

A good attempt to snowboard on a sled:

The snow should stick around for another day or so, but rain is coming, along with 50-degree temperatures. For now, we’ll enjoy the view and be grateful for a warm home.

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