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Allow me a moment to gush

Normally, when prompted to write a few sentences to display his understanding of grammar and punctuation, Jackson writes about football. He used to write about Marvel (ah, the good old days!) or some other obsession of the moment, but the last year or two has been all about football. Imagine my delight when I discovered that one of last week’s assignments… Read more →

TBT: The old morning routine

I didn’t intend to be a stay-at-home mom, much less a homeschooling stay-at-home mom, but stranger things have happened. Eight years ago, these two were my daily companions: Obviously, they are still my daily companions, but their faces and needs have changed greatly over time and they continue to challenge me in every way possible. When I see photos like… Read more →

Novel progress and a baby, unrelated

The novel is sailing along at more than 32,000 words. No doubt I’ll hit the 50,000-word limit by the end of November to meet the terms of NaNoWriMo and my creative writing class, but this book will be well over 50K when it’s finished. I’ve employed my dearest friend, Corey, to read it and advise me, and by “employ” I… Read more →

Nature talk on a nature walk

While Jackson was at a church activity last Wednesday, Jeremy and I took Major for a nature walk at the Greenway. By nature walk, I mean I didn’t calculate anyone’s heart rate or attempt specific mileage. We strolled. We looked. We chased squirrels. Nature-y stuff. Just when I thought our conversation was safe and comfortable with hawks and their prey,… Read more →

Did you try out other babies?

There I was, driving down the street and singing my little heart out with the new Killers album when Jeremy pipes up from the back seat. “Mom?” I heard him but kind of ignored him because I was really digging the song and wanted to finish the chorus. “MOM?” He yelled louder. I couldn’t pretend twice so I paused the iPod.… Read more →

A Rude Awakening

Indulge me for a second, because I had one of those moments that stops you in your tracks. We were driving home from running errands and the boys were asking (for the gazillionth time) about buying something or playing something or doing something that required permission. I was over it. So from the front seat I yelled, “Do you guys… Read more →

A Chattanooga Recharge

We left for Chattanooga Friday afternoon and I have to say – it was the most amazing weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect in the Tennessee Valley, which meant nearly everything was done outside. Playgrounds, grilling out, and a fabulous run along the Riverpark Saturday morning. (Oh how I’ve missed that!) But what made it especially wonderful was everyone we… Read more →

Cost: $17.95, Value: Priceless

Weeks ago, when I first read the form about buying a “class book” from Jeremy and his first grade mates, I honestly thought about passing on it. It was ONE MORE THING to pay for, if you know what I mean, and I really didn’t get what the book was all about anyway. I put the form aside and carried… Read more →

A little spot in the February Issue

(see Amarillo Magazine article here) Then I Knew They Were Mine I remember that Sunday quite perfectly. It was Mother’s Day, 2003, and my husband and I were in our second year of reeling from infertility. We longed to adopt a child. We were surrounded by friends who were getting pregnant with ease, and on this particular Sunday we were… Read more →

How Much Did I Cost Anyway?

So the boys and I were sitting in Cracker Barrel tonight for dinner when Jeremy took the conversation in a different direction. (What else is new?) It all started when the pair of them hounded me for toys from the Cracker Barrel store – specifically, two new Webkinz. (Because six isn’t enough!) I kept them at bay until we sat down… Read more →

Happy Adoption Day, Jack!

Four years ago today we stood before a judge who declared Jackson legally part of the Miller family. It was all formality, of course, but I knew that boy was mine from the moment I saw him through the nursery window. And though Jackson still doesn’t understand what “adoption” means, much less the significance of this day, he’ll be thrilled… Read more →

On Second Thought

Me: Jeremy, I was just thinking about the day we found out we were getting Jackson. You were so excited to go down to the hospital and meet you’re new brother. Jeremy: Yeah? Well that was before I knew he’d want to play with my Star Wars guys. Read more →

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