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Blog Challenge Day 31: Quirky

What’s a weird quirk of mine? I have no idea. I’m not sure what’s considered quirky versus what’s unique to me. Is it quirky that I appreciate organization and order? That I arrange my books chromatically instead of by author or genre? That my closet is also arranged by color, instead of by season? That I arrange and rearrange furniture… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 28: The last time I cried

When was the last time I cried? About three days ago I read an article about a terminally ill 29-year-old man, Rowden, who was already engaged to be married, but his prospects of being alive for the wedding were slim. With late-stage liver cancer, that always seems to be the case. In quite literally what was his dying wish, the couple’s… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 27: Better feels

What always makes me feel better?  When I was a kid, a strong two-armed hug from my mother always did the trick. I still remember how her embrace felt on my smaller body in elementary school. It felt like home. Today, there are a couple of things that always boost my spirits. In keeping with what worked as a kid,… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 26: Favorite blogs

What are my five favorite blogs?  There are few sites I keep up with regularly, and though a few don’t qualify as “blogs” in the same way that this site is a blog, I’m including them because they fit the “favorite” category. The Noun Project/The Noun Project Blog. This site was created to celebrate visual language. In stunning simplicity, creators… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 25: Best physical features

What are my best physical features?  Ah, you had to go there. Never ask someone with body dysmorphia to remark on her physical features. I think this question is intended to be an introspective boost of one’s self esteem, or perhaps for the very vain, a means to spotlight one’s shiniest, most attractive bits. Whatever. In an attempt to be… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 23: Pet peeves

What are my pet peeves? To start, I hate, hate, hate gum chewing. I hate it so much that I don’t allow my boys to chew gum around me. I don’t like the way it smells, sounds, and looks, particularly if someone is open-mouth chewing and smacking. When I see someone chewing the cud, I have to turn away. Even… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 22: 10 songs

Name my 10 favorite songs. These are in no specific order, and I’m forgoing an explanation of why they are a favorite. I’ll just say that some songs are favorites because they represent a soundtrack to a particular time in my life, and some are favorites because the lyrics and music are perfectly married. (I linked every song to a YouTube video and… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 20: In 10 years

Where do I want to be in ten years?  I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED. First, please refer to my dream job. Second, let’s consider ages. In ten years it will be 2025: I’ll be 47 (gulp), Chuck will be 46, Jeremy will be 22 (double gulp), and Jackson will be 19 (where’s my flask?). There are a few things I… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 19: Worst habits

What are my worst habits? In the broadest terms, worrying is my worst habit. I can worry myself into a stomach ache, an acne breakout, a binge-eating session, a long run, a massive closet clean-out, or a good cry, sometimes all in the same day. Worrying is in my blood. My Mamaw is a worrier, so is my Aunt Gloria.… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 18: Most afraid

What am I afraid of?  Snakes Rejection Big snakes Failure Small snakes A life-altering car crash Water snakes Total loss house Fire Land snakes Being attacked All of these fears are irrational, but it’s irrationality from which fear is born. The things that scare me daily – the ones that are the most paralyzing – are rejection and failure. Per Eleanor’s advice,… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 15: Daily timeline

What’s the timeline of my day? Okay, which day? We have soccer on Saturdays and volunteer work on Tuesdays and co-op on Thursdays, and weekends are unpredictable. Every weekday in general goes something like this: 7:00 a.m. – My alarm goes off and most of the time I hit the snooze button at least twice. 7:30 – 9 a.m. – I enjoy… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 12: The lottery

Finish this sentence: If I won the lottery… Let’s presume that “winning the lottery” translates to millions of dollars. We’re not talking a few scratch-offs, right? We’re talking double-digit millions. First, my family members, dearest friends, and church would be debt free and each would have a padded savings account. A smattering of children I know would have substantial trusts set up… Read more →

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