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Signs of Life Day Twenty-Eight

In January I took a hike. It was a required hike on account of a freelance assignment, but I welcomed it heartily because I needed a free and clear break from the world. It came along at the right time. I went alone. I was gone for hours and in that time I thought a lot about the current political… Read more →

Trudging along in winter, Lent, and this awful, no-good political season

Friends, we’ve been busy. It’s hard to tend to a blog when I’m writing for freelance work, writing the novel, and teaching Jeremy how to find the circumference of a circle with decimals and fractions. Thank goodness Jackson has picked up double-digit division with such ease. My brain can handle only so much math at one time. We’ve had bouts… Read more →

July so far

Friends, it’s been a minute since we’ve talked, and most of that has been because (1) I refuse to discuss anything in the headlines (aren’t you glad?) and (2) we’ve been busy with generic busy-ness. Some important things have happened – like Jeremy getting his head gear and Jackson getting some metal thingies on his back teeth to prepare for… Read more →

Sliding into July

June has been a whirlwind, so I’m happy for things to slow down and ease up. We’ve had two Vacation Bible School sessions, Jackson’s birthday, one soccer camp, one drama camp, a quickie-trip to the beach, Father’s Day celebrations, and one sick husband who is happy to be home and sleeping in his own bed. Summer is scooting by. In… Read more →

When there’s no WiFi

We have power but no internet, which the boys find most confusing. Doesn’t WiFi just exist, you know, in the atmosphere? This winter weather has turned us all upside down. We were already a family that spends a lot of time together, but… We’d be okay with a little space. And WiFi. We’d also like WiFi. Read more →

Big Bugs and Ear Plugs

First of all, look at the little monster that showed up on our front porch the other day. I tried to make R2-D2 ride him (or is this R3-S6?), but the bug’s shell was too slick. He looks so cool and huge! Jeremy said that this is a dung beetle and that led to a very long, descriptive conversation about poop.Secondly,… Read more →

Not bored

You know how there are some days when there is little to do and you find yourself with free time to read a book, watch some television or lose eight hours on the internets? And then there some days when there isn’t time to breathe or groom yourself or finish a sentence? I’m in the second category this week, which… Read more →

A Day of Testing

Nobody told me there’d be a test, but I suppose there has to be. How else will you find out if you are parenting correctly? It’s only 11:50 a.m. and I’ve already taken a handful of tests, failing two of them, I’m sure. The only child who’s being perfectly fantastic today is the furry black one. I think the brass fixtures… Read more →

Random Picture Day

In scrolling through previous photo uploads, I found a few that I meant to share and never did. The first is one that Jeremy took of Chuck and me on my birthday. We finally have a child old enough to work the camera so we don’t have to do that extend-an-arm-and-snap-a-close-up thing anymore. Yay for older kids! Next, we have… Read more →

Plugged in at Starbucks

Moving farther into the county has proven tricky for obtaining Internet service. We ordered service from AT&T and subsequently cancelled it because they cannot read a map and sold us services which they cannot provide. (Read: I sat at the house for two hours waiting for a technician who was never coming.) There have been additional delays, which is why… Read more →

The Most Exciting Room

This picture was taken on the day of our inspection. It may seem ordinary to you, but to me, it most certainly is not. To the left is the kitchen, which isn’t worth showing right now. (Trust me.) And the main space you’re looking at isn’t the focus either. (Though the fireplace is nice.) Instead, focus your eyes to the… Read more →

House Plans

We’ve been planning to buy this house for two months now. Would it surprise you to know that I’ve laid out every piece of furniture in my mind? That every wall is painted the perfect color, every kitchen and bathroom tile is laid and my future backyard is a relaxing retreat with a fire pit and outdoor grill? Well it… Read more →


I’m in a medication fog, so listing my thoughts is currently the easiest way to focus.  We’re under a cloud of allergen attacks, so drugs are being heavily used in this house. East Tennessee is covered in yellow poison pollen.  I signed up for the Knoxville half marathon next Sunday. I’ll be running on April Fool’s Day, which could be… Read more →

Well Hello Spring.

Though we could technically still get a snow storm, it feels like spring is here, especially since scary tornado weather is visiting. Yesterday we were under a tornado watch (then a warning) until 8 p.m., and the weatherman is saying tomorrow will be much the same. Unlike in Amarillo, I am so very thankful to have a basement here. Tomorrow… Read more →

Busy as Bees

With all of our recent travel, family responsibilities, and work, we haven’t happened upon a day where we just. sit. still. It’s just as well because I don’t do very well with still. I become very bored with still, even though still sounds so lovely. Bravo to all of you who know how to pull off still. Yesterday we brought… Read more →

Comments Made Easy

WordPress has made it easier for people to comment on blogs by allowing readers to sign in via their Facebook and Twitter accounts, which makes me really happy! I love when people comment but the bulk of that happens over on Facebook. Now all of those lovely remarks can be left here with ease. See? The biggest reason I prefer… Read more →

A Love Letter

Dearest Ocean, Very soon, we shall be together. I know, I know – I can hardly wait either. Only a few more days, hours and minutes until I hear your sweet sounds of serenity from sunrise to sunset. I’m giggly just thinking about it. Karin will be joining me. Make her feel welcome, will you? Yours most sincerely, with longing… Read more →

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