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Must Paint

I think this is pretty typical of creatives, so I know I’m not alone in my absurdities. There are times, which feel mostly random, when I cannot function with any sort of productivity because I’m distracted by the urge to make something. My left brain halts and retreats while my right brain strips down and streaks across the ball field. My… Read more →

Savannah and Jesup

If you’re at all familiar with south Georgia, you’re probably wondering why we added Jesup to our vacation. It’s an old railroad town, a blip on the map between Atlanta and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s surrounded by timber companies, peanut farms, and peach stands on the side of the road, flanked by corridors of mossy oaks and magnolia trees. It’s… Read more →

Home Improvements

We’ve spent the last few weeks tending to home improvements — Strike that. Chuck has been doing a lot of home improvements lately and I’m having a great time seeing the results.  He built an entire headboard/shelving unit for our bedroom and installed two screen doors (one more laborious than the other). Then we got a bug in our pants… Read more →

The Science of Procrastination

I won’t completely out myself and tell you the specific areas in which I’m procrastinating, but I will admit that I’m having a hard time doing some things I really need to do. What in the world is that about? This isn’t my usual deal. I’m not typically so… lazy. I have this insane list of tasks to accomplish but… Read more →

Wonder Mom

I was given my birthday gift last week when I stumbled upon it (oops!) so yesterday was all about the cards. Many of you sent sweet cards that had me in stitches or feeling nostalgic. But I have to say that my favorite cards are the ones drawn by my boys. Their personalities are summed up so perfectly on these… Read more →

Ramshackle Gingerbread

This year I resolved to spend as little money as possible on the annual Gingerbread House, simply because I’ve been known to overdo it and have mounds of leftover candy laying around until Easter. (Here is last year’s house. All of those M&Ms wound up on my hips.) So, I selected seven one-dollar bags of non-threatening candy and decided to… Read more →

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