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When Donald Trump says he doesn’t know those women, I believe him.

Upon hearing or seeing something outrageous from a presidential candidate, I do what everyone else does: I vent to like-minded people so my outrage is effectively validated. The second thing I do is look at the comment/action/gesture through the lens of a woman raising two boys. Then I translate that comment/action/gesture into a teaching point – what can I do as a mother… Read more →

The Church and [Gay] Marriage

Y’all, I rarely, rarely talk about heavy stuff here, and don’t worry – it won’t become a trend. This site is always going to be about creating memories and stories and posting pictures of my pets. But right now, I think I’m going to create a little trouble. First, I don’t even like the term “Gay Marriage.” It feels so… Read more →

The weekend is in sight

How’s your Thursday going so far? I have high hopes for today because my Wednesday started like this: In addition to waking up grouchy, I had a ton of unfinished work due for my screenwriting class. I intended to finish it before noon, but that plan was a wash after we spent three hours in the doctor’s office to make… Read more →

Waiting on the snow

The Weather Channel is indecisive. I think it’s nervous about being wrong. Instead of starting last night, and then early this morning, now it says the snow should arrive this afternoon. I bought provisions yesterday, so it matters little to me when it actually starts. Yet, while I sit in the house another full day drinking pots of flavored coffee… Read more →

Riding the high of a snow day

Finally, we’ve had a good snow. You’d think snow was a regular winter thing at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, but no. It’s rare, and when it happens, it’s like a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Yesterday, we got a big ‘ole heap of it. Since we homeschool and our usual Tuesday activities were cancelled, we didn’t have to… Read more →

A Prayer for the Second Semester

Dear Lord, I’m grouchy today, and so are the kids. We’ve been spoiled by two weeks of indulgence and now we have to get back to our school work. Silent letters, telling time, triple-digit division, novel writing…  The children are already on my nerves and I’ve only had one cup of coffee. Why don’t they love school like I do?… Read more →

Novel progress and a baby, unrelated

The novel is sailing along at more than 32,000 words. No doubt I’ll hit the 50,000-word limit by the end of November to meet the terms of NaNoWriMo and my creative writing class, but this book will be well over 50K when it’s finished. I’ve employed my dearest friend, Corey, to read it and advise me, and by “employ” I… Read more →

My Money Maker

We’ve reached a pivotal point with the dog. He has to start earning his keep. No longer do I view his shenanigans as a path to my slow, painful demise. Instead, these events are becoming content for a children’s book series. I came to this realization after he snuck in my bathroom, where I was mopping, and stole the bottle… Read more →

In list form:

Here is what I need to do: Write a three-page précis on Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Aesthetic Judgement” (due Sunday) Write a proposal for my semester-long research project (by Sunday) Edit 60+ photos from Vacation Bible School Edit 30+ photos from the family reunion Keep the children from fighting with one another Keep the pets from fighting with one another… Read more →

He’s the boss of Major.

This mischief happened earlier in the week. I considered it a challenge of authority:But then this happened shortly after, and then I was reminded of who’s really in charge:In other news, I saw something on Pinterest that I had to try. Actually, there are dozens of things on Pinterest that I’d like to try, but this seemed doable. Instead of… Read more →

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