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because, really, there is no difference between the two

Swimming at the Townsend Wye

Yesterday we took advantage of beautiful weather and went to the Townsend Wye, a popular swimming hole just inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Jackson was at basketball camp, so Mom and I took Jeremy, Jacob, and Owen for a dip. The mountain water was chilly, something locals understand but Chicagoans don’t. There were serious reservations about swimming, particularly… Read more →

Christmas 2016

Christmas celebrations began on Saturday night with Jeremy and Jackson exchanging their brother gifts – a tradition my sister and I had and one we’ve passed on to both sets of boys. They use their own money and we take them out separately to shop. Christmas morning was slow-moving. Because the Packers game in early December was the big family… Read more →

Jacob pilots his first flight

For the last three or four years, our nephew Jacob has expressed interest in becoming a pilot. Whether in the Air Force or privately, he’s been all about flying his own planes. Similarly, Chuck has been interested in getting his pilot’s license and churning that into a career/hobby down the road. He’s already had a few lessons in an attempt to slowly… Read more →

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