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Just a little bit busy

The summer started with an out-of-town wedding with friends. Happily and graciously, I was hired to be the photographer, and I spent the solid week prior in fits of worry over it. The perfectionist in me cannot handle the thought of broken equipment, a faulty SD card, event calamity, or any other problem that’s out of my control. If all things… Read more →

Besties in Atlanta

Our Atlanta weekend getaway was long overdue. In fact, we were supposed to go in January, but Salem’s last hospitalization nixed that. Instead, we capped off our spring break with a few days with some of our best friends. We ate good food, went bowling, and hung around the condo. Corey and I escaped to Ulta and Nordstrom Rack, and some… Read more →

A Week of Yes

It’s spring break, friends! Can I get an amen? We aren’t at the beach, we aren’t on a cruise. We aren’t across the country on a Rocky Mountain excursion. Those things would be nice, but we have summer plans and other plans, so spring break is simply that – a break. It’s a break from school and early bedtimes and… Read more →

First Snow Day of 2016

It wasn’t a substantial snow, but for East Tennesseans it was a big deal. The neighborhood kiddos got out of school, so once my boys finished a few subjects they were able to spend the rest of the afternoon outside. These photos were taken yesterday just as the snow got started. We scarcely got an inch, but they made the most… Read more →

Grace, age 12

It is a weird phenomena to see the face of a child I met at birth and also see a glimmer of the woman she will become. Grace and Jeremy were born the same year, two months apart, and she has been beautiful the whole time. When the family visited us a couple of weeks ago, I took Grace outside… Read more →

For Tami

When people have asked how we’re doing this week, I’ve been answering with the truth: It feels like we’re living in an alternate universe, and when we wake up tomorrow everything will be back the way it was. That’s the sort of impact sudden death has on a family. Confusion, shock, disbelief, and when the grief really begins, you start… Read more →

Jaw-dropping start to 37

I didn’t have a whiff of anything regarding my birthday until a random email came through in mid-July confirming Major’s boarding reservation for August 1. I didn’t arrange to have him boarded and it would’ve been strange if Chuck had, so I asked him about it. Obviously, I didn’t want to pay for a faux reservation. The snowball had begun. Yes,… Read more →

Empathy is feeling with people.

Today brings a reminder of last year, when five deaths occurred in one week – four among my GPS community and one a little closer. It was an awful, awful week, yet I’m standing on the periphery saying that. There is absolutely no way I can connect a single dot to understand what these families suffered, nor what they are still suffering… Read more →

Friends and Ryan Bingham

We ran off to Chattanooga this weekend for a much-needed refueling via long-distance friends. The kids played, we played. Everyone was exhausted by the time we got home yesterday afternoon. As usual, being in Chattanooga was hugely nostalgic. In between the frivolity was a funeral on Monday for Corey’s grandmother, the sweet woman who let me sleep over on a weekly basis when… Read more →

A Brief Escape

I’ve been melancholy lately, so on a bit of a whim I took the boys to visit my grandmother in West Virginia this past weekend. It was a quiet couple of days and I was happy not to share her attention with other family members, which is usually the case when we gather with her around holidays. This visit was… Read more →

More of Avery

It is a delight and privilege to photograph my best friends’ kids, so I take my camera even when the visit has nothing to do with kids or families. Avery is by far one of the best models around. She knows how to work it. Click here to see the session I did with her last year with Lesli’s daughter,… Read more →

Girls Weekend January 2015

Susan’s daughter, Avery, age seven, took our Girls Weekend photo. The first one was standard. Then she said, “Okay! Make funny faces! I’m not taking it until you make funny faces!” So we stuck out our tongues. Then she says, “Okay, be serious. I’m not taking the photo until you’re serious.” So we got serious. Then she started giggling and… Read more →

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