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Insert panic here

Suddenly we’re at the end of October. As I type, my bacon and goat cheese grits aren’t sitting well as my stomach is turning inside itself with worry. I have six weeks left in the semester, which means I have six weeks to finish the novel, edit it, design the front and back matter, write a synopsis, and complete a fifteen-page… Read more →

Writing Designing Reading Photographing

When I haven’t been talking to Jeremy about abortion, Monica Lewinsky, or what it means to give the middle finger, I’ve super busy with lots of creative and exciting projects. First and foremost is the novel. I just hit 121,000 words, which is still painfully long, but I refuse to cut anything until I’m done getting all of my words out.… Read more →

First Day of School

The day started with pancakes and avoidance. After a modest amount of pouting, I showed the boys their curriculum and we got to work. Major and Salem joined us, per usual. Attitudes were mostly good, and as I’ve learned from previous years, attitude is everything, mine included. This will be my last semester of graduate school, but also the most exciting. In… Read more →

It’s still summer.

My favorite thing about homeschooling is having the freedom to do what we want to, and that includes deciding when we begin and end the school year. By law, we are required to “do school” a certain number of days for a certain number of hours per day, but when and how we accomplish that is at our discretion. That being… Read more →

Must Paint

I think this is pretty typical of creatives, so I know I’m not alone in my absurdities. There are times, which feel mostly random, when I cannot function with any sort of productivity because I’m distracted by the urge to make something. My left brain halts and retreats while my right brain strips down and streaks across the ball field. My… Read more →

The History of Science Fiction

We’re studying science fiction in genre class this week, which involved reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It wasn’t bad. A little high-brow writing, but overall fun to read. However, let me share this bit of trivia with you: The name Frankenstein does not refer to the creature. Victor Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the creature. The creature, in… Read more →

Sherlock Holmes, minus Benedict Cumberbatch

In preparation for my Genre Studies class that starts Monday, I’m working ahead on assigned reading. We have to read several books from a variety of genres. Some I’m excited about (crime fiction) and some I’m not (science fiction). For the first time ever, I’m reading Arthur Conan Doyle – i.e., Sherlock Holmes. It’s been a fun ride since I’m… Read more →

Pining for Summer

This family is ready for summer, as in no school, lots of sun, extra sleep, and some sort of liquid. Ocean? Pool? Sprinkler? Patio cocktails? Yes to all. Jackson has finished all of the curriculum I had planned for him, so he’s doing a Summer Bridge book to complete the semester. Jeremy has a final test in math this week, which… Read more →

Journey On

I stood in the kitchen late last night eating my stress with a spoon and container of Nutella. It was really good. As I took the last spoonful into my mouth, I realized that I’m in over my head. The trio of graduate school, writing a novel, and homeschooling has been an outrageous challenge, and it’s affected my attention span… Read more →

Short Story 2: Tuesday

I felt it fitting to post my second short story, Tuesday, on a Tuesday. Corny, I know. Like my first story, The Prep Room, I pulled from Chuck’s life experiences to write Tuesday.  My quiet, unsuspecting husband is more interesting than he lets on. Feel free to offer feedback.  Also, there’s profanity, just in case you’re sensitive to that sort… Read more →

Short Story 1: The Prep Room

Below is the first short story I submitted for class. It’s just shy of 5,000 words. The content will be familiar to some of you. Though it’s based on actual events, the primary work is fiction. You should be able to click on the link below and read the story as a PDF.  Let me know if it doesn’t work.… Read more →

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