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CS Lewis Doodles

For those of you embarking on a spiritual journey for Lent, I want to suggest a delightful YouTube channel you might enjoy, particularly if you appreciate the works of C.S. Lewis. I have no idea who’s behind the channel or what prompted this person to share essays and book excerpts from C.S. Lewis in doodle form, but I’m pleased as… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Eight

Hello, beauties! Today I stumbled upon something inspiring and I want to share it with you. I’d never heard of Verily Magazine before, so when I clicked a shared link from one of my favorite Twitter people (@onegroovynun, and yes, she’s really a nun!), I jumped around the site to see what Verily was all about. It looked exactly like the sort of women’s magazine I’d… Read more →

My very own portrait

Y’all, this is awesome. A couple of months ago I entertained the idea of getting my portrait painted by an old friend/artist in Chattanooga. He was gathering subjects for an upcoming collection and I thought it would be a great privilege to be a part of it. Rarely do I have my photo taken since I’m usually on the other end of the camera, not… Read more →

Inspire me.

We all know how addictive Pinterest can be. Good gracious, I could waste a day clicking links, searching, reading, re-pinning. I force myself to take substantial breaks from Pinterest, even entire weeks away, just so I can come up with my own ideas instead of piggy-backing off of others. However, there is some really good advice out there and I… Read more →

Mike Isabella’s Graffiato

When you care about food as deeply as we do, deciding what restaurant to patron is a well thought out plan on Girls Weekend. It’s even more important when you visit a city (like Washington DC) that is saturated with celebrity restaurants. In this case, we chose a Top Chef celebrity restaurant: Graffiato by Top Chef All-Stars runner-up Mike Isabella.… Read more →

A Writer’s Quill

A few weeks ago I attended an auction to raise money for Autism and the prizes were all monetary gifts on tattoo work. Happily, I won a $200 certificate to a local place that came highly recommended. I’ve had the idea for a quill tattoo for some time but never made efforts to put it in ink. Now I couldn’t… Read more →

DIY Toys – Thanks, Joel!

Made by Joel is a fabulous online resource for easy, do-it-yourself toys that require minimal supplies and a ton of imagination on the part of your child. Most of you know I’m very anti-noisy/anti-flashy/anti-batteries-included when it comes to children’s toys. If I’m giving your child a gift, more than likely he’ll receive books or a toy that requires more brains… Read more →

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