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Doves on Christmas Trees

Yesterday’s Instagram photo yielded a few questions about placing doves on Christmas trees to remember loved ones, so I thought I’d add some history to it. It’s a tradition that started with Brenda, my mother-in-law, when she put four doves on her Christmas tree each year to remember her parents and Bill’s parents. Then, when Brenda passed away in 2010, Bill… Read more →

Throwback Thursday: Halloween 2007 with Nana

Jackson was one and Jeremy was four, so their stamina for trick-or-treating was minimal. We dressed up the boys and spent the evening at Chuck’s parents’ house where Nana and Papaw took their grandsons trick-or-treating to a few houses on their street. Tomorrow will mark four years since Chuck’s mother passed away. It’s a robbery, in my opinion, for the boys to have… Read more →

Beach fun

We are zombies today after a long drive home from Amelia Island in the pouring rain. It’s been a gloriously sunny week of strolling the beach, jumping through waves, and eating seafood. I have more than 600 photos to show how much fun we had. We also made a stop in Savannah and Jesup, Georgia, to do a little research for… Read more →

Christmas Trees, oh Christmas Trees

I was dead set against getting a massive tree like last year. The Clark Griswold in Chuck Miller showed up when we bought a house with 12-foot ceilings and he felt we needed an 11-foot tree to go in it. I could not reach the top, even with a ladder, so this year I told him we were getting a… Read more →

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