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Allow me a moment to gush

Normally, when prompted to write a few sentences to display his understanding of grammar and punctuation, Jackson writes about football. He used to write about Marvel (ah, the good old days!) or some other obsession of the moment, but the last year or two has been all about football. Imagine my delight when I discovered that one of last week’s assignments… Read more →

Family rules, according to Jackson

One of the classes Jackson is taking at our new (and wonderful!) co-op is Literature and Creative Writing. This is a topic I feel comfortable teaching at home, but Jackson has an extra creative mind so double-dipping for this subject can only benefit him. The classes was assigned to write a paper about family rules. I only helped him with grammar and… Read more →

I’m not that homeschooling mom.

Please know that this post is not a commentary on Josh Duggar, Josh Duggar’s history with molestation, TLC’s decisions about its programing, or anything remotely religious, political, or cultural. About those matters, I have no input. This post is about homeschooling, more specifically the homeschooling haters who’ve linked homeschooling as an isolation-based catalyst for pedophilia, incest, and other acts of criminal… Read more →

I call summer break!

It’s been a tough semester, particularly for Jeremy. While he’s sharp, curious, and extremely intuitive, he has to work extra hard in certain subjects and fifth grade was a difficult year. He finished all of his subjects this week except math and we agreed (it was more like a truce) that he would continue working on math throughout the summer.… Read more →

Is school over yet?

We are barely hanging in there, and by “we,” I mean Jeremy and me. Jackson is skating through his remaining third grade work, which now consists of vocabulary and creative writing. He will be done by Mother’s Day weekend. Jeremy, on the other hand, has had a tough year, so the pace at which he’s worked varied depending on the subject… Read more →

Ice, then snow, then cabin fever

What a week. Lost power, restored power, ice, ice, more ice. No internet, a quickie blizzard, serious cabin fever. It’s been mostly fun for the boys since they could gather with the neighborhood kids and enjoy all the hills and slippery surfaces. The neighborhood kids were out of school all week but I was the mean mom who made her… Read more →

Undefeated and Preaching on Sunday

It’s times like these that I want to laugh when people ask if my boys get enough socialization, as if homeschooling means we never leave the house. Jeremy had his eighth and final soccer game of the season on Saturday, which they won, therefore the Blue Bombers finished the season undefeated. Jeremy couldn’t be more pleased since last year’s football experience was the… Read more →

A story from the other writer

Y’all, we have another writer in the house. I didn’t edit his story, but I did format it properly. Jackson has been really into writing over the summer and lately he’s been begging me to type his stories out on the computer. As if I’d say no! Super Cat! by Jackson Miller One night a cat was playing with a ball. He was A… Read more →

School update and a book review

We’ve begun our second week of school and if the boys keep at this pace we’ll be finished by March. Not really, but they are zooming through the first few units of math. Things will slow down when we hit fractions and multiplication hard core. Jackson dances around saying, “Multiplication is easy peasy,” but he’s only started with zeros and ones.… Read more →

First Day of School

The day started with pancakes and avoidance. After a modest amount of pouting, I showed the boys their curriculum and we got to work. Major and Salem joined us, per usual. Attitudes were mostly good, and as I’ve learned from previous years, attitude is everything, mine included. This will be my last semester of graduate school, but also the most exciting. In… Read more →

It’s still summer.

My favorite thing about homeschooling is having the freedom to do what we want to, and that includes deciding when we begin and end the school year. By law, we are required to “do school” a certain number of days for a certain number of hours per day, but when and how we accomplish that is at our discretion. That being… Read more →

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