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Monday morning convo with Major

Major: It was a bad weekend. Me: Yes it was. Major: I can’t believe that game. Me: Me neither, dude. Me neither. Major: We should’ve won. Me: I know, I know. Major: We should’ve gone for two. Me: I know, I know. Major: It’s gonna take me a while to get over it. Me: Same here. Major: Now I’m nervous… Read more →

Oh how my garden grows

The weeds are bad, but everything is growing beautifully. Having never grown potatoes before, I didn’t know what to expect. So far, so good! The Japanese eggplant doesn’t seem to be as strong this year, so I might need to give it a little boost. Sweet onions: Gorgeous romaine lettuce: Sweet peas: Cucumber: My gardening companion: Read more →

Our sick puppy

We noticed Major was acting strangely Monday morning. He was lethargic and not eating, two qualities that are inconsistent with his normal behavior. By the afternoon, his food bowl was still full and he was spending a lot of time in the back yard eating grass. By the evening, he’d thrown up all the grass (in the house!) and attempted to… Read more →

Time to Train

It’s hard to believe I went a full year without running a race. Even though I participated in an 8K in 2013, I did not earn a medal, and I’ve been grappling with that frustration for months. This is my medal collection to date: One full marathon and ten half marathons. I love this display dearly. Chuck commissioned an artist… Read more →

My other boys

One of them was happy to take a photo this morning and wish you a happy weekend. The other pretended not to hear me. Forgive his rudeness. He doesn’t care about you or your weekend or what you think about his lack of caring. You can move along now.     Read more →

My Buddy and Me

Wherever I go, he goes. My buddy: I’m not an attachment parent, but clearly I’m  an attachment dog owner.  We’re together all the time, and when we’re not together, he’s waiting for me on the other side of the bathroom door.  Hurry up! I miss you! Major and I went on two runs over the weekend, clearly our best activity… Read more →

Major Pain

This dog, y’all. He’s running me ragged. I swear I could put razor blades in his food bowl and he’d still want to eat our socks. I have to keep an eye on him at all times and it’s making me dizzy. Sometimes I think he should be with a hunting family instead of us, being worked to the bone,… Read more →

Riding the high of a snow day

Finally, we’ve had a good snow. You’d think snow was a regular winter thing at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, but no. It’s rare, and when it happens, it’s like a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Yesterday, we got a big ‘ole heap of it. Since we homeschool and our usual Tuesday activities were cancelled, we didn’t have to… Read more →


Let’s all take a minute to observe the warmer weather. We’re all jumping for joy over 45 degrees, which is leaps and bounds better than 2. I didn’t like 2. I hope you were all good pet owners and cared for your outdoor family members appropriately. (Condolences to those with busted pipes, flooded rooms, and other Polar Vortex-induced calamities.) Our family… Read more →

Waving the white flag with long division

Single-digit division was a snap. Double-digit division was a breeze. Triple-digit division with remainders has left Jeremy in the pit of all that is wrong with math. He gets caught up in the process, forgetting where he is in the multiplication and subtraction, forgetting to add back the remainder when he checks his work, forgetting his multiples of seven and… Read more →

Yay baby!

So yesterday I had the most awesome privilege of seeing brand new life appear on earth. Lesli and Jimmy, parents of Henry, had their second child, a precious little jewel named Catherine. I was over-the-moon excited to be there with them to capture her first few hours.   She is a beauty. Now, between Susan, Lesli, and me, we have… Read more →

Back to School

Now that Literary Theory is officially over (THANK THE SWEET LORD), I can put my entire brain back into homeschooling. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Like I let the boys flounder while I drank high dollar coffee and read philosophy drivel. That’s not what happened, at least, not entirely. We’re doing fine on all of the core subjects, but we’re… Read more →

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