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16 Things I Learned in 2016

Over the last week, and then again today while on a run, I sorted through 2016 and whittled down a collection of lessons I’ve learned in the last year. I’ve never been keen on setting resolutions, but in recent years I’ve worked hard to be mindful of my mistakes and efforted not to repeat them. I look critically at myself,… Read more →

The disagreement we’ve been having for 16 years

Like many marriages, Chuck and I have had wonderful years together paired with those times when we’d like to kill one another and hide the body. We’ve been close, we’ve been distant, we’ve crawled down into the pit with one another to make it through a difficult season. We’ve seen several sides to this marriage thing and yet we’re still together by… Read more →

Kid-Free Day in Downtown Philly

Our daily life and routine is unique, so date nights are rare, which is unfortunate because Chuck and I really enjoy dating each other. It’s one of our favorite hobbies. With childcare secured (yay grandparents!), my husband and I were able to spend about nine hours (NINE HOURS) without the boys. We went to King of Prussia (Primark!) and then… Read more →

Twenty years ago today

It was a brisk Tuesday in late-February, during the spring semester of my senior year, that 17-year-old Chuck drove 17-year-old me to a basketball court behind a church. We’d met one another about six months prior at an after-school job. We attended separate schools in seemingly separate worlds, but we had a ball together at The Daily Bagel – laughing, goofing around,… Read more →

Anniversary No. 15

We had so many ideas for how we could celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary and none of them panned out. Instead, we’re storing those ideas for later and choosing instead to commemorate the day with a high five and a “yay us!” (We also got massages over the weekend, which was lovely.) To appease my sentimentality, I made a video full of photos from… Read more →

A love letter to my husband

Dearest, You were already a long-suffering, understanding husband and now your wife wants to be fiction writer. God bless you. You’ve been supportive and encouraging, wise in your advice and patient in the process. So when you received my text message this morning saying I’d just gotten my sixth rejection, no doubt you felt my pain. You know these rejections are little… Read more →

Happiest Day to my Sweetheart

It’s this guy’s birthday: He doesn’t surface on this site often and probably won’t like this attention either, but oh well about that! I love him and it’s his birthday, so today’s post is for my husband. Happy Birthday, darling. You are my favorite.  Read more →

I’ve joined the club.

These were my doctor’s exact words on Thursday: “I don’t want to use the word extreme, but that’s pretty much what we’re talking about. You now have to go above and beyond.” It was at my annual appointment, where I whined and complained about how my body seems completely different from what it was just two years ago. She told… Read more →

A laugh on Fat Tuesday

First, I have to share a little background. Chuck and I leave each other notes all the time. Sometimes they are  sweet, and sometimes they’re informative. Sometimes they’re both. There’ve been apology notes, I love you notes, and please drop off my dry cleaning notes. Some notes are so hilarious that we’ve kept them for more than a decade, like… Read more →

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