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Five Things I Learned from S-Town

If you love the Serial Podcasts as much as I do, then you’re probably going to give S-Town a try, even though 1) it isn’t Serial No. 3, and 2) it’s not narrated by Sarah Koenig. When all seven episodes dropped on March 28, I found plenty of tedious tasks to do so I could binge without too much interruption. I listened while the… Read more →

Favorite Thing: States of Undress

Chuck and I have been watching a lot of VICELAND lately, the new cable channel from VICE. Its documentary-style format and controversial topics keep our attention. We often hit the pause button to discuss whatever the subject matter is. Though I’ve only seen four of the six scheduled episodes, I’m comfortable telling you that States of Undress is one you should… Read more →

Blog Challenge Day 22: 10 songs

Name my 10 favorite songs. These are in no specific order, and I’m forgoing an explanation of why they are a favorite. I’ll just say that some songs are favorites because they represent a soundtrack to a particular time in my life, and some are favorites because the lyrics and music are perfectly married. (I linked every song to a YouTube video and… Read more →

Friends and Ryan Bingham

We ran off to Chattanooga this weekend for a much-needed refueling via long-distance friends. The kids played, we played. Everyone was exhausted by the time we got home yesterday afternoon. As usual, being in Chattanooga was hugely nostalgic. In between the frivolity was a funeral on Monday for Corey’s grandmother, the sweet woman who let me sleep over on a weekly basis when… Read more →

A new video, per Jackson’s request

We need something happy today, don’t we? Jeremy has been practicing archery more often than Jackson, and I’m proud to say he’s gotten quite good. He went outside with the bow and arrow every day last week. Jackson practices too, but he doesn’t have the upper body strength to loose the arrow with any sort of power. His heart is… Read more →


We’d been on the road since Tuesday (the day the government shut down), and on Friday morning we left the coast and drove to Portland. Side note: Have you seen Portlandia? It’s not a show for everyone. In fact, the first time I watched it, I didn’t laugh but instead sat with my mouth gaping open in confusion. What is… Read more →

The Marvelous Mumford and Sons… Again

I squealed like a teenage girl. It was fantastic. The whole process of getting tickets to a Mumford concert is complicated. You have to apply to be considered to purchase tickets. I’d been rejected twice already, so when I received an invitation to purchase tickets for the Atlanta concert, I had no pause. Two tickets. Immediately. Yes, please. My original… Read more →

Big Bang

Chuck and I are about five years late on this one but we’ve jumped in with both feet. Dang it, Big Bang Theory is so freaking funny! What subatomic particle have we been living under? Anyhoo, we are always on the hunt for a good TV show that we both enjoy. [Emphasis on the good and both.] I tend to… Read more →

Mike Isabella’s Graffiato

When you care about food as deeply as we do, deciding what restaurant to patron is a well thought out plan on Girls Weekend. It’s even more important when you visit a city (like Washington DC) that is saturated with celebrity restaurants. In this case, we chose a Top Chef celebrity restaurant: Graffiato by Top Chef All-Stars runner-up Mike Isabella.… Read more →

Follett Killers Mumford Marvel

September is going to be a very good month, and not just because Jeremy turns nine. (Nine!) First, Winter of the World – Ken Follett (about whom you’ve heard me babble for a while now) is releasing his second novel in the Century Trilogy on September 18. It’ll be another 900-something page book that will have me in a trance… Read more →

The Superhumans

We are in full Olympic mode here at the Miller house. I L-O-V-E the Olympics. I may not know the rules to Water Polo, but dang it – I’m watching it and rooting for the Americans! Jeremy has been my couch buddy from the beginning and has told me several times that he’d like to try archery, fencing, gymnastics, fill-in-the-blank.… Read more →

I heart Mad Men

So we jumped on the bandwagon a couple of months ago and started watching Mad Men.  At first I wasn’t sure I could swing it, especially at the end of the first episode and you realize Don Draper isn’t exactly who you thought he was. Still, we carried on with each episode appreciating the clever humor, outstanding set and costume… Read more →

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