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“I’m sorry I have no good news.”

This is how our veterinarian began the conversation. For the second time, Salem is being hospitalized for being unable to urinate. Common in male cats, the muscles of the urethra spasm and constrict, making it impossible for him to relieve himself, which, if left alone, would kill him. Why is this happening, you ask? The first time there were crystals found… Read more →

My other boys

One of them was happy to take a photo this morning and wish you a happy weekend. The other pretended not to hear me. Forgive his rudeness. He doesn’t care about you or your weekend or what you think about his lack of caring. You can move along now.     Read more →

Bird Watching and Typing

We’re studying winged creatures in science and our backyard is a great space for observing them. The new lens I got for Christmas allows us to zoom in closer than ever. We caught a glimpse of this lovely critter yesterday.  Someone else was watching too. The boys have also started typing lessons, which is  something I did not officially learn until… Read more →

Yay baby!

So yesterday I had the most awesome privilege of seeing brand new life appear on earth. Lesli and Jimmy, parents of Henry, had their second child, a precious little jewel named Catherine. I was over-the-moon excited to be there with them to capture her first few hours.   She is a beauty. Now, between Susan, Lesli, and me, we have… Read more →

Novel progress and a baby, unrelated

The novel is sailing along at more than 32,000 words. No doubt I’ll hit the 50,000-word limit by the end of November to meet the terms of NaNoWriMo and my creative writing class, but this book will be well over 50K when it’s finished. I’ve employed my dearest friend, Corey, to read it and advise me, and by “employ” I… Read more →

Canoeing, Fireworks, and Salem

But not all at once. Our week with Jacob ended with a rainy Fourth of July Hurry-Up-and-Light-the-Sparklers extravaganza. The weather was dreadfully wet, but we managed to squeak out a quickie-canoe trip on the river on Wednesday and one more swim on Thursday before storms forced us inside for the rest of the day. Then we swam to Dayton, Ohio,… Read more →

Hardest Life There Ever Was

I actually missed this little menace while I was out of town, if you can believe that nonsense. He lives a hard life, so I’m happy to accommodate his sleeping preferences. Happy Weekend to you, reader! May it be filled with all sorts of immodest napping. Read more →

In list form:

Here is what I need to do: Write a three-page précis on Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Aesthetic Judgement” (due Sunday) Write a proposal for my semester-long research project (by Sunday) Edit 60+ photos from Vacation Bible School Edit 30+ photos from the family reunion Keep the children from fighting with one another Keep the pets from fighting with one another… Read more →

He’s the boss of Major.

This mischief happened earlier in the week. I considered it a challenge of authority:But then this happened shortly after, and then I was reminded of who’s really in charge:In other news, I saw something on Pinterest that I had to try. Actually, there are dozens of things on Pinterest that I’d like to try, but this seemed doable. Instead of… Read more →

The Perfect Pet

A few nights ago, on the eve on Chuck going out of town, I let out a big sigh, groaned in exhaustion, and jokingly asked, “So which kid are you taking with you tomorrow?” He paused, then answered, “Salem.” Yes, after three months of wrangling a blue tick puppy and nearly ten years of parenting, even Chuck prefers Salem, which… Read more →

The Boss

Salem is the only one with power in this house. He is the boss of us, particularly of Major, and now that the dog has started howling and baying, Salem is having none of it. It all begins with this adorable face: And then he starts this nonsense: Salem is usually napping comfortably until he is disturbed: And then he’s… Read more →

Splint and Spring

I was standing at the sink doing dishes, the boys were somewhere in the house, and I assumed the dog was with them. Still in my boots from having just gotten home, I took a step back from the sink to grab a towel and heard a loud yelp. Unbeknownst to me, Major was underfoot – literally – for I… Read more →

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