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Images for Sale

First, a bit of housekeeping:  I’ve finally connected with a photo lab so folks can view their images online and place orders. Slowly but surely I’ll be uploading photo sessions from this year and a few from last fall (but not sessions prior), so if I’ve taken your photos in recent months, please take note. Access to full collections are password protected for… Read more →

Photographer to the rescue

A handful of folks contacted me recently saying they needed a photo for their Christmas card STAT! Either another photo didn’t pan out or nothing from their cell phone’s photo album would work. Sure thing, I said. Name the place and time. This last one was a real treat since it was a referral. (Referrals are the BEST, by the way.) I remember… Read more →

Morgan McCulla Family

I’m related to this bunch, so the session was pretty laid back and easy. We met on a beautiful patch of East Tennessee land on the outskirts of the Great Smoky Mountains. As soon as the sun tucked behind the trees, the temperature dropped so I moved swiftly. Thank you, family, for trusting me with these. Sophia sure loves her Papaw!… Read more →

Photos lately

October has been a busy month for family photo sessions. Hurray! Most folks are keeping their photos private for holiday cards and such, but I’ve been given the go-ahead to share a few. If you’d like to book a session, drop me a line!    Read more →

The sweetest little wedding

When a former high school classmate of mine mentioned on Facebook that she was looking for an inexpensive wedding photographer, I threw my name in the hat. Since I work alone, the small, intimate weddings are just right. I can dart around discreetly and tend to the details. Bigger events require two and three shooters, so as long as it… Read more →

Sweet baby cheeks

This weekend was full of photo shoots (hurray!) and the first two were definitely the cutest. Sofia is nine months old and I’m about ready to send her photos to Baby Gap so she can earn some money off that face. Earlier in the day I captured this little guy’s first birthday party. Boone wasn’t sure what to make of me… Read more →

My first wedding

I perused Craigslist the other day (I know, that’s risky, but…) looking for “creative gigs” and came upon a post requesting a wedding photographer STAT. First, I am not a wedding photographer. So naturally, I clicked on the ad. As it turned out, a very small wedding was occurring about an hour from my house in two days of the ad… Read more →

Hey Spring Break

My sinuses hate everything about right now, but the scenery is gorgeous. The boys are working double time on their school work today to ensure their spring break starts tomorrow instead of Monday. We have big plans for the coming week, specifically that Jeremy is going to Disney World. Just Jeremy, you ask? Yes, because Chuck and I are totally… Read more →

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