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Photos lately

October has been a busy month for family photo sessions. Hurray! Most folks are keeping their photos private for holiday cards and such, but I’ve been given the go-ahead to share a few. If you’d like to book a session, drop me a line!    Read more →

Nature Love

We’ve settled into a summer routine of sorts. Math drills in the morning, then chores, then sporadic times of electronics and playing outside. Meals whenever. I’m saying yes more than I’m saying no, which seems like a fair deal for summer break. I woke up yesterday morning itching to go outside, so we loaded up and drove to a nearby nature… Read more →

Sweet baby cheeks

This weekend was full of photo shoots (hurray!) and the first two were definitely the cutest. Sofia is nine months old and I’m about ready to send her photos to Baby Gap so she can earn some money off that face. Earlier in the day I captured this little guy’s first birthday party. Boone wasn’t sure what to make of me… Read more →

The Day Josh Dobbs hugged Jackson

The forecast for the Tennessee Vols Orange and White Game was not good. On Friday evening, my Weather Channel app showed 100 percent change of rain and thunderstorms. Chuck announced that he would not endure a thunderstorm, and Saturday morning, Jeremy announced the same thing. Jackson and I looked at each other during breakfast and decided we would risk it. With… Read more →

Ice, then snow, then cabin fever

What a week. Lost power, restored power, ice, ice, more ice. No internet, a quickie blizzard, serious cabin fever. It’s been mostly fun for the boys since they could gather with the neighborhood kids and enjoy all the hills and slippery surfaces. The neighborhood kids were out of school all week but I was the mean mom who made her… Read more →

Our garden grows

The garden has exploded, which feels my heart with pride and joy. I made a huge mistake by planting the strawberries too close together, so I’ll be snipping the vines as we go along in the season. Live and learn. They are pretty little things, though. We’re also having success with the buttercrunch lettuce. Gorgeous and great for wraps! The sweet onions and… Read more →

Cara’s maternity shoot

I have a wonderful massage therapist whom I’ve been going to for three years (locals, hit me up if you need a referral) and she’s about to have her first baby. We spent Saturday evening at the park catching great light surrounded by lots of greenery. It’s my pleasure to share a few photos with you. (This is only ten out… Read more →

Baby Thea

Yesterday I had the great privilege of taking pictures of a new little life. Remember Jenni?  She’s my gorgeous hair colorist who just had her gorgeous daughter six days ago. Her name is Thea and she’s perfect. (Click on the photo for a larger version.) I also had the privilege of Jenni’s grandmother being in town so I could get a shot of her… Read more →

My very own portrait

Y’all, this is awesome. A couple of months ago I entertained the idea of getting my portrait painted by an old friend/artist in Chattanooga. He was gathering subjects for an upcoming collection and I thought it would be a great privilege to be a part of it. Rarely do I have my photo taken since I’m usually on the other end of the camera, not… Read more →

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