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Signs of Life Day Twenty-Two

In October 2000, a 14-year-old girl who’d concealed her pregnancy secretly gave birth and placed the newborn in a shed. The baby died from severe dehydration and the young mother was sentenced to state custody. It was then that two women in our county, along with state officials, decided to act, and in June 2001, Tennessee’s State Haven Law went… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Sixteen

The day was lovely. Classes went well, and Chuck and I enjoyed a lunch date. Please look at these donuts and imagine how delicious they are: Once the boys and I got home from co-op, the sun was still shining and Major followed me around hinting that he was ready for a walk. Despite how comfortable my pajamas would feel,… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Fourteen

For the last four years my boys have participated in a volunteer program at our church that provides a hot meal once a week to anyone who’s hungry for food and fellowship. I’ve only mentioned it once before because advertising efforts in this way is unbecoming. They don’t need a spotlight. However, earlier last year, their efforts moved from setting tables to… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Ten

I’m currently working on class descriptions for next year, which means I’m knee-deep in book selections for middle schoolers. Such freedom! Such creativity! This is truly a joyful task and one of the best perks of the job. In my effort to find a free copy of a certain book, I re-stumbled up Project Gutenberg, an online resource for free books.… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Nine

Today was a good day. My classes went smoothly, I had coffee with a sweet friend, and Chuck and I stole time away for a lunch date. I didn’t even mind that yesterday it was 70 degrees and today it was 39. (Huh?) It was a good day with plenty of good things in it. Then, on our way home… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Eight

Hello, beauties! Today I stumbled upon something inspiring and I want to share it with you. I’d never heard of Verily Magazine before, so when I clicked a shared link from one of my favorite Twitter people (@onegroovynun, and yes, she’s really a nun!), I jumped around the site to see what Verily was all about. It looked exactly like the sort of women’s magazine I’d… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Seven

I had final interviews this afternoon for the piece I’m writing about death according to five major religions. I know what you’re thinking — JENNIE, You said Signs of LIFE, not Laments of DEATH. Please stop.  I hear you, I do. But it’s all connected, and that’s something I just can’t shake. This last conversation was the most helpful to me… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Six

I’m nearly finished with my freelance piece about death according to five major religions, and this morning I spent about an hour on the phone with Rabbi Deborah Goldmann. Similar to my conversations with an Imam and the director of a Hindu temple, I went into the conversation knowing very little about the topic. I wanted to learn from a… Read more →

Signs of Life Day Two

Teaching children (other than my own) has been a bigger blessing than I ever imagined it would be, and it all started as a total leap of faith. I’m in the second semester of teaching at our homeschool co-op and each week has been a blessing to me. Sometimes it’s the basic interaction I enjoy, and sometimes it’s seeing students connect the dots… Read more →

Signs of Life Day One

My first thought upon hearing the alarm song at 7 a.m. (“Across the Great Divide” by Nanci Griffith) was – Absolutely not. No way it is time to wake up. Nope. – and then I hit the snooze button. But then I heard Chuck shuffling around the room, and then I heard the faucet turn on and off in our bathroom, and… Read more →

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