Category: Throwback Thursday

A big throwback to 20 years ago

This weekend is my twenty-year high school reunion. Mathematically, it’s accurate, but in my brain, it feels as though the years have been miscalculated, like we still have another decade to go. My high school experience was unique from a lot of my peers because I attended an all-girls college prep school. In keeping with the mishmash that was my entire educational experience,… Read more →

Me in College, circa 1998

For me, college was primarily about two things: writing and exercise. I was so in love with both that I couldn’t decide which one should be the major and which one should be the minor. I started out as a journalism major with a minor in physiology (with the goal to work in cardiac rehab), but then I switched halfway through… Read more →

Throwback to last week’s tattoo

I’m just now able to sit comfortably and wear regular clothes. I’ve felt like a Duggar girl all week wearing dresses, but pants and shorts don’t wear well with an open wound on my backside. The magnolia bloom is situated on my lower left back/upper left cheek (ahem) and runs perfectly along my waistline. So yeah, no tight clothing in that… Read more →

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