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Blog Challenge Day 12: The lottery

Finish this sentence: If I won the lottery… Let’s presume that “winning the lottery” translates to millions of dollars. We’re not talking a few scratch-offs, right? We’re talking double-digit millions. First, my family members, dearest friends, and church would be debt free and each would have a padded savings account. A smattering of children I know would have substantial trusts set up… Read more →

Photos from the detour

On our way home from West Virginia, we drove through horse country so I could do a little speculative research. The land isn’t as attractive as it would be in spring, summer, or fall, but it was peaceful and there was scarcely any traffic. Before heading home, we found a small park where the boys could run wild and scream and… Read more →

Throwback Thursday: Durango 2009

When autumn rolled around during our first year in Amarillo, we were starving for sweeping mountains of bright color. We were missing autumn in east Tennessee and there were only a few older neighborhoods in Amarillo that had the kind of trees we wanted to see. On what felt like a whim, we packed up the kids and escaped to Durango,… Read more →

The Library and Me

We got home from Washington D.C. late last night, so today we are zombies climbing mounds of laundry. Seven days of visiting with family and friends, sight-seeing on foot, and celebrating nuptials will do that to you. Even though national monuments and museums absolutely count towards school for the boys, I had to find time here and there to do my own school work. Once… Read more →

Savannah and Jesup

If you’re at all familiar with south Georgia, you’re probably wondering why we added Jesup to our vacation. It’s an old railroad town, a blip on the map between Atlanta and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s surrounded by timber companies, peanut farms, and peach stands on the side of the road, flanked by corridors of mossy oaks and magnolia trees. It’s… Read more →

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