Video of our trip to Iceland

It took the bulk of my day to finish this video, but that’s only because iMovie is trial and error for me. If I would just fork over $300 for Final Cut Pro, my video-making could go more smoothly.

At any rate, I gathered all of the photos from our trip to Iceland, including a few videos, and compiled them into a nearly 12-minute long slide show/video. It’s lengthy, I know, but it serves as a scrapbook for our family. Please feel free to start it now and finish it later. Or feel free to watch it all in one sitting.

Or skip it. Whatever, y’all! You do you!


Anniversary No. 15

We had so many ideas for how we could celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary and none of them panned out. Instead, we’re storing those ideas for later and choosing instead to commemorate the day with a high five and a “yay us!” (We also got massages over the weekend, which was lovely.)

Wedding day 2000

To appease my sentimentality, I made a video full of photos from our earliest years to now. And by early, I mean circa 1996 when we started dating. Are there fanny packs in this video? High-waisted pants? Bad hair? Prom photos?


Happy 15th Anniversary to us. 

Silent Videos from 2005 and 2006

My first digital camera was a Kodak EasyShare that took sketchy video with no audio. Chuck gave it to me for Mother’s Day in 2005. I loved it because it meant I could take digital photos and video without developing film or hooking up the video camera to the television. It all seemed so convenient. Instant gratification and all.

Then, in December 2006, I got a second Kodak EasyShare that took video with sound. What a concept! That meant we were left with a year and a half of silent footage. Toddler Jeremy and newborn Jackson didn’t make a peep.

Earlier this week, I decided to pull bits of those videos together into one compilation set to music. It’s nearly nine minutes, so I realize only family and friends will commit to that sort of length. The first 4:45 minutes are all Jeremy. Then Jackson is born and there’s footage from the first time we saw him through the nursery window. He was less than 24 hours old.

There are also a few cameos of friends and cousins. Grace is at 2:45, Hank is at 4:15, Jacob makes an appearance at 4:30 and again at 5:56. Jackson is born at 4:54 and there’s a brief glimpse of Brenda, Chuck’s mother, at 5:37.

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Year Twelve, a video

Forgive the late-night Friday post! Today flew by.

I took my favorite photos from last October until now and set it to one of our favorite songs. We didn’t really exchange gifts for our anniversary because we’re facing a huge heating and air conditioning overhaul, so this is my economical and sentimental attempt to show the depth and breadth of my affection.

Enjoy, and happy weekend to you.