My Family

February 1997

When Chuck first asked me on a date, I said no. It was August 1995, we were 17 years old and I loved my independence too much to be attached to a boy. He persisted, he was adorable, and by February 1996, I caved. We were married in 2000. He was right all along.

Shortly after we began our family through adoption in 2003. Jeremy was a blessing beyond all measure. When Jackson came along in 2006, I announced with confidence, “Yes, miracles can happen twice.”

Together we enjoy watching movies, laughing about inappropriate things, and traveling to new places. Raising boys is fraught with fart noises and bad body odor, but their devotion and sweetness make up for all of it. Homeschooling my boys has been the greatest challenge but also an exceptional privilege.

Salem is our resident lap warmer and food hog. He is an independent and stubborn creature who loves to sleep under the covers with me. He is also kind enough to do his business outside.

Salem in the hammock

We lost our sweet Major in May 2022, and frankly, it will be a while until we’re not weepy about it. He was the goodest of boys.

Major May 2016

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