Throwback Thursday: Matching Dresses with the Captain

I’m probably four years old here, if I’m going off the haircut and overall impression of innocence. Where were we living, Mom? Mississippi? Virginia? It’s all a blur, because at this age I had no idea about the world outside my own imagination. I dressed up my pets and climbed magnolia trees.

I dug up this photo in honor of my father’s birthday week. Cheers to you, Dad. I’m sure you don’t miss that uniform.

Dad and us in the 80s

I am a Military Brat.

This isn’t the post I intended for today, but I read this affirmation several times yesterday (obviously posted in honor of Memorial Day) and finally decided just to share it. I don’t know who wrote it, which is unfortunate. The Internet can be a great asset to writers, but it can also be a harsh curse. I wish I could give proper credit.

My favorite part is the fourth paragraph about friendships. Though I missed out on growing up with the same group of people, I feel infinitely blessed to have cherished relationships from each place I’ve lived, save the earliest years. For all the military brats I know and don’t know, enjoy:

Military Brat