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CS Lewis Doodles

For those of you embarking on a spiritual journey for Lent, I want to suggest a delightful YouTube channel you might enjoy, particularly if you appreciate the works of C.S. Lewis. I have no idea who’s behind the channel or what prompted this person to share essays and book excerpts from C.S. Lewis in doodle form, but I’m pleased as… Read more →

Full Body Experience

This is how  Sara Miles, author of City of God, describes Ash Wednesday. This service… reminded me not to over-spiritualize the problem of mortality. Ash Wednesday was calling me back to worship God with my whole body — lungs, thumb, knees, eyes, tongue — and to admit that body’s inevitable failure. And it reminded me that I was no different… Read more →

Lenten Book Pile

Lent reading begins today. This is ambitious considering what’s required for school, but I’m going to make a strong attempt.  Which one should I read first? Perhaps I should just start at the top. Understanding Four Views on Baptism Sex God City of God Church History in Plain Language  (This book was in last year’s pile. I read through bits of… Read more →

To dust you shall return.

You know when your mom wanted to get your attention so she’d grab your chin, turn your face towards hers and look you square in the eye? You knew she was about to say something super important or correct you in a really big way. You’d get still and look back at her with a mixture of curiosity and fear… Read more →

Our first Ash Wednesday

We aren’t unfamiliar with Ash Wednesday, as it marks the beginning of Lent, but we’ve never attended or belonged to a church that celebrated Ash Wednesday with a special service, much less through the application of ashes on our foreheads. I’d always mentally categorized the ritual as being just that – a ritual, not necessarily something that had a real… Read more →

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