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Jackson turns 11

Jackson has been counting down to his eleventh birthday since the calendar turned to 2017. It’s fair to say he is obsessed with it, even beyond the general obsession kids feel about their birthdays. Yes, it’s about gifts and special food and all the extra attention, but it’s about that deeper feeling – that you are so well-loved that an entire… Read more →

One foot at home, one foot in the Abbey

It has been terrifically challenging to fold back into day-to-day life after three days at the Abbey. I know – the math of that statement doesn’t make sense. Three whole days versus my entire life? Nonsensical. And yet, that’s how I feel. Each day has been a careful step into what I hope will be my new normal. Less noise,… Read more →

Jackson turns 10

For Jackson’s birthday, we kept it simple but special. Three dear families joined us for a light dinner followed by cake and presents. The kids played, the adults talked, and Major was mostly well-behaved. The thing most of you might not grasp about Jackson is that he doesn’t fully understand the reciprocity of friendship. Relationships in general are hard for him. He… Read more →

Behold the Tween

Every time we say 12, he corrects us with “tween.” I’m not sure how we got here, but here we are. He’s 12 going on 25. Happy Birthday to our first born, our philosopher and theologian, our soccer player and budding chef, our comedian and tender-hearted animal lover. Jeremy, your intuition is beyond your years, but something tells me it… Read more →

Jaw-dropping start to 37

I didn’t have a whiff of anything regarding my birthday until a random email came through in mid-July confirming Major’s boarding reservation for August 1. I didn’t arrange to have him boarded and it would’ve been strange if Chuck had, so I asked him about it. Obviously, I didn’t want to pay for a faux reservation. The snowball had begun. Yes,… Read more →

The last week of 36

As my birthday approaches, I’ve been pensive about life. Does anyone else get that way? All self-evaluating and introspective? I’ve been particularly self-aware of who I was a decade ago and it’s humiliating how sure of myself I was in my 20s. I knew it all, I said a bunch of crap out loud that would mortify me today, and years later I sit with… Read more →

Happiest Day to my Sweetheart

It’s this guy’s birthday: He doesn’t surface on this site often and probably won’t like this attention either, but oh well about that! I love him and it’s his birthday, so today’s post is for my husband. Happy Birthday, darling. You are my favorite.  Read more →

Yay baby!

So yesterday I had the most awesome privilege of seeing brand new life appear on earth. Lesli and Jimmy, parents of Henry, had their second child, a precious little jewel named Catherine. I was over-the-moon excited to be there with them to capture her first few hours.   She is a beauty. Now, between Susan, Lesli, and me, we have… Read more →

A School Intruder and a Birthday

Just as we start school, he lays down right on top of Jeremy’s Explode the Code notebook. Naturally. So we decide to see how he likes it when our stuff is on top of him. He cared not. In other news, Saturday was Chuck’s birthday. When Jackson asked me why Darth Vader was on Daddy’s birthday banner, I quietly answered… Read more →

Lucky Number Seven

Jeremy finally turned seven yesterday. He was so relieved too since he’s been waiting all year for it. I was a generous mother and let him open two gifts before school. The first was a vintage Star Wars tin with sandwich cutters in the shape of the Millennium Falcon and a Tie Fighter. The second was a new Webkinz pet… Read more →

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