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Besties in Atlanta

Our Atlanta weekend getaway was long overdue. In fact, we were supposed to go in January, but Salem’s last hospitalization nixed that. Instead, we capped off our spring break with a few days with some of our best friends. We ate good food, went bowling, and hung around the condo. Corey and I escaped to Ulta and Nordstrom Rack, and some… Read more →

No time to blog!

I’m too busy this week wrangling three boys and a four-month-old puppy to spend five seconds on the internet. (For the record, the puppy is harder to manage than the three boys combined. The cat is by far my favorite today.) Sincerest apologies to my Words with Friends opponents. I will get to all of you later tonight. Corey, Gwen,… Read more →


The only problem with having plans every weekend in December is that they cause the month to go by too quickly. We spent this weekend in Atlanta with my bestie and her family. I came home with more than 300 photos on my camera, which is insane on my part. After dedicating some storage space to engagement photos (see one… Read more →

Weekend Visitors

Corey and Alex drove up from Atlanta for the weekend so the boys could play and the adults could relax. We spent Saturday afternoon at the campground to swim and participate in some of the extended July 4th celebrations. It was SO HOT but at least we suffered in good company. I am officially done with summer. Pretty please, Mother… Read more →

Another boy in the house

For the first part of our spring break we invited Alex from Atlanta to spend a few days with us. (Ethan from Chattanooga will be here for the second half.) And while they’ve had their fair share of Xbox time, they’ve also spent plenty of time outside in the sun. They originally took their arsenal of Nerf guns outside to… Read more →

Twenty Years

Over the weekend we made another quick trip to Chattanooga to meet up with Corey and Alex, whom we haven’t seen in months. They drove up from Atlanta and we met for the afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch on Signal Mountain. Corey and I have been friends for nearly 20 years, and it’s a blessing to us that our boys… Read more →

Corey and Alex

My friendship with Corey dates back to 1991. We were barely teenagers and completely ridiculous. My family had just moved from Germany to Atlanta, a city Corey has always called home, and she was instantly my best friend. And though I lived in Atlanta only three years, we kept our friendship going regardless of where I moved. Jeremy and her… Read more →

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