Hey Spring Break

My sinuses hate everything about right now, but the scenery is gorgeous.

bud pinky purpley white and pink

The boys are working double time on their school work today to ensure their spring break starts tomorrow instead of Monday. We have big plans for the coming week, specifically that Jeremy is going to Disney World. Just Jeremy, you ask? Yes, because Chuck and I are totally uncool and will not take our kids to Disney, so my sister is. They will swing down from Chicago, pick up our 11-year-old, and take him to the happiest place on earth. Two years from now, when Jackson is 11, they’ll do the same with him.

Chuck and I get off scot-free. We don’t have to wade through pools of loud children or stand in line for hours or hear It’s a Small World over and over and over again. We’re totally dancing a jig.

It sounds bad, but the honest part is that we’re a different sort of traveler. We’d rather camp or wander around a new city without a timetable. We prefer places where we’re not outnumbered by stranger kids and food isn’t outrageously over-priced. There is charm and magic at Disney World, but it’s not the kind of charm and magic we’re interested in. We’re very grateful to have family members who will do this great task for us and give our children a wonderful experience.

Meanwhile, we have our own plans to make Jackson’s spring break memorable. He’s pretty excited about being an only child for a week. His first request?

“Can I stay up ’til 10?”

You sure can, buddy. 

Hey Spring!

So glad you showed up.




The garden is nearly prepped, so more goodness will be growing soon. Spring is happiness.


Welcome, Friday!

It’s going to be a super duper weekend for a number of reasons – the first being that it’s Girls Weekend. Susan and Lesli (with Henry) will be here tonight. (The estrogen-testosterone balance won’t be as lopsided as it usually is in this house.) We’ll lay low since Baby Henry can’t join us for cocktails so I suspect we’ll do more lounging in the living room than hanging in the lounge. Still, Girls Weekend is one of the events I look forward to most each season.

The weather is entirely autumn. It’s been rainy, chilly, and the fall colors are so vibrant. Out every window is a lovely view. Salem is loving it, too.

Finally, it’s Halloween weekend! The boys are so excited! Chuck carved our pumpkin last night (with power tools!) and we made some Halloween crafts this morning during school. I hope we can make it to Boo at the Zoo at some point, too.

I hope you all have a fabulously fantastic weekend! I plan to.

PS. Someone knows my love language. 🙂