Girls Weekend, December 2010

Susan and Lesli left last night, ending our last Girls Weekend of 2010 and hopefully the last one we’ll celebrate in Amarillo. The irony is that they were here last November and all I could say is, “Next time I host, it should be in Knoxville.” Hmm.

We did all of our usual things: talk, eat, talk, sleep, talk and laugh. And eat. And see the new Harry Potter flick. (Yes! Loved it! So stressful!) Normally we get dolled up and grab a long dinner out, but with no childcare available at nighttime, I treated my friends to Pei Wei takeout on Saturday and a home-cooked meal on Sunday. Low key and totally economical, considering we’ve been known to drop serious cash for fancy food and drinks.

We’ll head north of Nashville in the spring and D.C. next summer, and when it’s my turn again to host in the fall or winter, who the heck knows where it will be.

Today begins my last two weeks at the magazine and I’ll spend that time training my replacement. That means that the February magazine is completely out of my hands. It’s going to take a little time to process that.

However, on a positive note, yesterday I spoke with the author of the book I’m designing/editing and it looks like he may increase my workload a bit, which means it is to my benefit to have more time to work on it. I’ve barely touched it since Thanksgiving, so I’m already devising a daily schedule in my mind of dropping kids at school, running, and working on the book during the day – something I’ve not been able to do since I started it. The notion of “working from home” has lessened the blow of leaving my job. It’s funny – my reaction when people ask, “How’ve you done it all? I can’t imagine how much you’ve had on your plate.”

My answer is simply, “I have no idea.”

Susan + Lesli + Harry

Girls Weekend is here! Happy dance!

Susan and Lesli arrive today for our last Girls Weekend of 2010, which wraps up a full decade of maintaining our long-distance friendship with a steady rotation of trips and visits. Our trio met in college (at the university newspaper, of course) and we bonded on a trip to New York City in 1998 to attend a journalism conference. We’ve been a happy little group of three ever since. And considering the fact that we haven’t lived in the same city since graduation, I’m pretty proud that we are faithful to see each other at least three times per year.

Additionally, if it’s a Harry Potter movie release year, then we make the extra effort to see it together, which is why I’ve held off seeing the Deathly Hallows until now. One of these days I need to post all of the photos we’ve taken in front of each movie poster. Yes, really.

Before my girls get here, I have a few things to get done in the areas of book design, DIY Christmas, grocery shopping and laundry. Oh yeah, and FEELING better.

Happy Weekend!

Girls Weekend, July 2010

I’ll eventually get around to posting more about my weekend in Philadelphia, just like I’ll eventually get around to cleaning out my dresser and organizing the five containers of loose photos stashed in the guest room closet. Eventually.

You all know that Girls Weekend is sacred to us, so I don’t have to begin by explaining our 12-year friendship or our decade of three-day weekends spent talking, eating and soaking up every second of each others lives. Susan and Lesli are a part of my extended family and I think about them and miss them nearly every day.

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