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Life and Death in Spring and Lent

As the bursts of color take over Tennessee and we enjoy the warmth of 70-degree afternoons, we are also in a liturgical season of reflection and preparation. It’s a binary spell that can mess with your head if you let it. This week, however, my family is also experiencing loss. My grandmother passed away over the weekend, and though we… Read more →

To my mother

This post is being written too late for my taste, but I was out of town yesterday and today helping a friend move. However, I couldn’t let the entire day pass by without publicly wishing my sweet mother a wonderfully happy birthday. Mom, I wish I could cook dinner for you tonight. I love you! Read more →

Look at me.

When I’m not running/cleaning/homeschooling/eating/sleeping/watching reruns of Law & Order on Netflix, I’m taking and editing photos. These are my subjects. How sweet of them to indulge me.   I successfully turned in the boys’ grades and attendance records for the semester, which was a lot easier than I expected. For some reason I thought I’d need to block out an… Read more →

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