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Jackson turns 11

Jackson has been counting down to his eleventh birthday since the calendar turned to 2017. It’s fair to say he is obsessed with it, even beyond the general obsession kids feel about their birthdays. Yes, it’s about gifts and special food and all the extra attention, but it’s about that deeper feeling – that you are so well-loved that an entire… Read more →

Ninth Birthday Eve

If you know Jackson, then you know he’s prone to obsess here and there. Superheroes, football, holiday celebrations, et cetera. If he likes something, then HE REALLY LIKES IT and wants to share his passion with you. In keeping with his tendency to obsess, we’ve been counting down to his ninth birthday for the last three months. This morning, with great fervor,… Read more →

Jackson’s loot and totally awesome cupcakes

Jackson’s birthDAY ended up spreading out to a week-long celebration on account of cards and packages arriving on Thursday and Friday. There’s still another package on its way (he spent a Barnes & Noble gift card from my sister in 2.5 seconds online. Books, books, and more books.) We ditched the huge birthday party/craziness years ago and focused our celebrating on making… Read more →

Jackson is eight!

Here he is on the last night of being seven. This child has talked about his birthday every day, nearly all day, for the last two weeks. If you’ve seen him in that time, chances are he’s told you all about  it.And then first thing this morning: Reminisce with me, won’t you? Read more →

Happy Jack

“Gosh, Jackson, I just can’t believe you’re seven years old now,” I say. “I know! It’s so exciting! And you’re going to be 35!” he replies. Yes, thank you. Happy Birthday, sweet happy Jack. I love you immensely. Read more →

On the Eve of Seven

For the last few weeks Jackson has talked nonstop in anticipation of his birthday, which is tomorrow. My little baby will turn seven and that is nearly impossible to believe. Also this week is the opening of Man of Steel, which is the other thing Jackson has talked about nonstop. He is all superhero all the time. For those of… Read more →

Jackson gets the internet for his birthday

Not to ignore the monumental importance of turning six years old, let me start by reveling over finally having internet service. Six days with no email, no blog, no Googling, no PINTEREST. It was like the 90’s all over again. Anyway, today my littlest love turns six and he’s been enjoying all the attention. Fortunately for him we are mostly… Read more →

The Long, Busy Birthday

We started Jack’s fifth birthday very early by attending a fishing derby at a local duck pond. The idea sounded really good. The reality was less than – but only because it was blazing hot by 9 a.m. and every child under 10 in the tri-state area showed up to fish. Jackson’s fishing pole broke on the first cast and… Read more →

Jack Turns Five

I can’t hardly stand it. My sweet little baby boy is going to be five tomorrow. I have hung on to every little day, month and year of his infancy and toddlerhood with fierce, refusing to let him grow a centimeter without my approval. I have snuggled him to annoyance (on his part, not mine) and given him strict orders… Read more →

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