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Swimming at the Townsend Wye

Yesterday we took advantage of beautiful weather and went to the Townsend Wye, a popular swimming hole just inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Jackson was at basketball camp, so Mom and I took Jeremy, Jacob, and Owen for a dip. The mountain water was chilly, something locals understand but Chicagoans don’t. There were serious reservations about swimming, particularly… Read more →

Jacob pilots his first flight

For the last three or four years, our nephew Jacob has expressed interest inĀ becoming a pilot. Whether in the Air Force or privately, he’s been all about flying his own planes. Similarly, Chuck has been interestedĀ in getting his pilot’s license and churning that into a career/hobby down the road. He’s already had a few lessons in an attempt to slowly… Read more →

Canoeing, Fireworks, and Salem

But not all at once. Our week with Jacob ended with a rainy Fourth of July Hurry-Up-and-Light-the-Sparklers extravaganza. The weather was dreadfully wet, but we managed to squeak out a quickie-canoe trip on the river on Wednesday and one more swim on Thursday before storms forced us inside for the rest of the day. Then we swam to Dayton, Ohio,… Read more →

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