Third and last photo dump from Key West

Each morning began by the pool, which isn’t a bad way to start a day.


On our last full day in Key West we walked to Ft. Zachary Taylor Beach and enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at Sloppy Joe’s.




That is Lesli and Jimmy enjoying the calm water and loving how not crowded it was.




The last time Chuck and I went to Sloppy Joe’s we were 18 years old, which meant we went to a historical bar and ordered a couple of Cokes. This time, we enjoyed being over 21.



We saw these other beautiful things on the island too…



Before heading out for the evening we had someone at the hotel take our photo:


Then we took a less formal one:


Though our first trip to Key West will always be a warm spot of nostalgia in my heart, it was better the second time around, and not just because we were with friends. It’s truly a place for adults to cut loose and leave responsibility at home.

I’m thankful for this man, who’s kept me laughing and loved for two decades straight. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.


Thank you to our mothers (my mom and Jimmy’s mom) who kept our children happy and safe so we could escape reality for a few days and celebrate our anniversaries.

Second photo dump from Key West

We rented scooters to get to Higgs Beach, which meant it was time for Chuck and I to recreate our 1997 Key West photo that we love so dearly. Ignore the time stamp – it was not 1994. I didn’t know how to change the date on my 35mm camera, so on record every event happened in January 1994. This photo was taken in July 1997 – a selfie before selfies existed – on a scooter.

TBT 1997 Key West

This one was taken on October 9, 2016 – a legit selfie – on a scooter.


Higgs Beach was calm with a delightful breeze. We got in the water only briefly, then scooted around the island drunk on nostalgia.



On Monday we opted for a four-hour sailboat cruise with snorkeling and kayaking and happy hour. We even caught the sunset. (I didn’t snorkel or kayak since I’ve been there/done that and I’m happy to sip wine on a boat.)

But first, I enjoyed a slice of Chocolate-Covered Key Lime Pie on a stick:




The afternoon got more beautiful as it went along.





Third and last photo dump… 

First photo dump from Key West

I didn’t take an abnormal amount of photos during our trip to Key West (who needs evidence, right?), but I brought my camera along when I knew the scenery would be worthwhile. We went sailing, visited two beaches, and strolled the Old Town each day and evening. Every part of the trip was wonderful, weather included.

We spent five days/four nights on the island with our dear friends – Lesli and Jimmy – who were also celebrating 16 years of marriage (our weddings were one week apart). We divided our time between hanging out together and doing couple things. One thing was consistent: We weren’t in a rush for anything. For parents and professionals, having no timeline was a dream.

Our home away from home, The Cabana Inn:

the-cabana-inn view-from-the-lobby

Our view from the third floor:

view-from-our-room pick-a-spot




We arrived in Key West shortly before the Tennessee-Texas A&M game. We caught the first quarter, then we unplugged.


This was the first night’s sunset from the patio outside our room. I took it as a good omen.


And this was our view on the first morning as we ate breakfast by the pool. Did I mention The Cabana is adults-only? As in no kids? Aside from the roosters, which are protected and even endearing after a while, the property was tranquil.



On to the second photo dump…