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Medal No. 16

For the first time in my long-distance running experience, I thought the race would be cancelled. The weather forecast ranged from a 70-90 percent chance of thunderstorms every hour for ten hours straight. There was no way around it. The race would go on rain or shine, but thunder and lightning would close it down. By the time I went… Read more →

Secret City Half Marathon

I wanted to run one more race this year but didn’t want to fork over all the cash for traveling, hotels and high entry fees. Luckily, I found a “no frills” race in Oak Ridge (nicknamed the Secret City). Score! It was easy to get to and easy to maneuver. But when they say “no frills,” they really meant it.… Read more →

10 Precious Medals

Chuck gave me the Precious Medals shadowbox a year and a half ago (he commissioned an artist and everything!), and it’s taken me that long to add two more to the collection. Since the inside of the box is complete, he screwed hooks into the bottom of the frame for my Atlanta and Knoxville medals. Thanks, hon. I love, love,… Read more →


My race medals no longer have to hang via thumbtacks on a bare wall. Now they are cozily placed inside this custom-made shadowbox against a lovely piece of personal art. Future medals (God-willing) will hang from hooks beneath the box as I accumulate them. From left to right, starting on the bottom, the medals are from the Dallas Rock ‘n… Read more →

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