Me in College, circa 1998

For me, college was primarily about two things: writing¬†and exercise. I was so in love with both that I couldn’t decide which one should be the major and which one should be the minor. I started out as a journalism major with a minor in physiology (with the goal to work in cardiac rehab), but then I switched halfway through… Read more →

Medal No. 12 and Race Report

The odds were not in my favor. I’d not trained as well as I should have and whatever is spawning in East Tennessee right now invaded my sinuses with a massive army. The pressure in my ears is unreal. Chuck’s work travel schedule interrupted my travel plans to Middle Tennessee and that meant childcare had to be rearranged. And then… Read more →

Wherein I partake of lunacy

Philosophy was never a part of my undergraduate work. When I had to choose electives outside of my major (physiology) and minor (journalism), I opted for subjects like geology (which resulted in my only C in college) and ballroom dancing (which was fabulous). I intentionally steered clear of philosophy for two reasons: 1) It seemed like a bunch of drivel,… Read more →


I married into a dedicated Volunteer family, and even though I am a Middle Tennessee grad, I root for UT on a regular basis. However, when the schedule came out this summer and showed that my alma mater would be playing Tennessee for its homecoming game, I knew we had to attend. It didn’t matter that the Blue Raiders had… Read more →

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