To the Atlantic and back

We took a minute and quickly went to Hilton Head.

Splash Jeremy

Splash Jackson

my boys Hilton Head 2015

Taking a walk

If you know us in real life, then you know how crazy our schedule can be. When we have family time, it’s intentional. Most people wouldn’t consider 24 hours at the beach to be worthwhile, but we do.

Almost 15 years
The boys at Hilton Head 2015

They swam until sundown. Why not, right?

Night swimming

Whenever I’m at the beach, I get up at whatever time necessary to see the sunrise.

Peek of sunrise

At that first peek of light, I stand still and watch the day officially begin.

Peek of sunrise

Then the entire space glows orange and everything feels new.

sunrise at Hilton Head 2015

Worth it every time.

Good morning Hilton Head

This poor fella didn’t make it out alive.

Dead crabs

One more snapshot before heading home…

Until next time HH

Scouting with my model

I’ve been enjoying some photo sessions lately so looking for new spots to shoot has been on my mind. On Monday I asked Jackson to be my model and we went to a new spot that I thought would look gorgeous in the evening sun. I have a special family in mind for this place, so I wanted to make sure my instincts were right. Continue reading “Scouting with my model”

Pictures from Christmas 2013

Wow, y’all. I’m pooped! This has been a fantastic year all around and it is definitely ending on a high note. This time last year, I had a bad case of the flu, so being sleep deprived this year is no biggie. There’s always another cup of coffee to drink.

We had a wonderful Christmas with my side of the family. Seriously, not a single complaint. There were 11 people in the house for five days, but everyone was in good spirits. We went to church together, took communion together, and swapped family stories in the living room every night. If I sat and thought about it, I could probably drum up some minor detail that could’ve made the week better, but it would take a long while.

Chuck gets Husband of the Year for buying me a new camera lens (and a Green Bay Packers throwback jersey, which I wore proudly around my Chicago Bears family members).  I’m still learning how to use the lens, particularly indoors, so forgive the fuzziness. I’m going to dump a bunch of photos now, so I hope you aren’t on dial-up.

My boys were introduced to Rainbow Looming… Rubber bands everywhere!

Aunt Becky teaches Jeremy the Rainbow Loom

The boys loom while Mamaw reads:Looming while Mamaw reads

Our living room on Christmas Eve:
The Living Room

Two sets of brothers swap gifts to one another on Christmas Eve:Four boys on Christmas Eve

Yay Legos!

Grandpa plays Words with Friends: Grandpa plays Words with Friends

Cutie pies:Becky and Jeff

Best part of Christmas – my Mamaw came to visit. Actually, the very best part of the week was when she and I went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service together: Mamaw came to visit

I’m not in the photo (obviously), but this is what our living room looked like every night. Chuck wasn’t being antisocial, though. He was building a new Lego set: Everyone

Every Gryffindor should have a house banner:

I gave my sweetheart a meerschaum pipe: Meerschaum pipe

Opening Lego Marvel Superheroes: _DSC0523

Opening a NCAA football video game: Football video game

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock: Paper Rock Scissors Lizard Spock

A Marvel quilt from Aunt Becky: Marvel quilt

Hot chocolate by the fire:
fire pit time

Grandma played cards with the grandboys in the hideout: Grandma plays in the hideout

We all know how this one turned out:
Packers win

Cheers to 2013! May 2014 be even better.

In Pictures

It snowed over the weekend, and from what I understand it’s supposed to snow tonight…

Yeah, Salem and I are ready for spring. Can I get an amen? This was Saturday.

By Sunday morning, all of that beautiful sunshine turned gray, so I threw the boys outside to play.

When they couldn’t play outside, they were doing the usual.

This color sorting is Jackson’s habit of putting like things together. This way, everyone has a buddy!

This is my favorite photo from last week (when Jackson wore his camouflage toboggan cap all day everyday). We’ve finally reached the point where Jeremy can read Jackson a simple book.

And now they’re gone.

The Przylucki Texas trip was over almost as quickly as it began. Four days of driving for three days of visiting make for both a long and short trip, but despite the many miles it took for them to get here, I am thankful. It’s always been a desire of Becky’s and mine that our boys grow up as “together” as they can. The distance between our cities presents a great challenge, but so far, so good. The four boys love being together, and at their ages, we couldn’t hope for much more.

I’ll edit more photos along the way, but now I’m going to bed. Apparently sleep wasn’t on the agenda this weekend.