Pinterest for Anniversary No. 14

I could post old photos of us from the last 18 years of being together, 14 of which have been as a married couple, but I’ve done that a dozen times. Here’s last year from Vegas, here’s the year before that when we were camping. Here’s a photo that was taken about five months after we started dating in 1996.

Instead, I’ll share with you a few of my favorite things I’ve pinned to my husband-specific board on Pinterest. It’s a dumping ground for building furniture, Mad Men references, and homages to beards and tattoos. Occasionally, I post something sweet to remind myself (and him) that this journey we’re on is the best. Continue reading “Pinterest for Anniversary No. 14”

Phteven, your Friday Funny

I just finished reading a crime novel for my genre class, so I decided to flip through Pinterest to get my mind off dismemberment and butchery. I have no idea where it originated, but this is a reoccurring image that gets me every. single. time. Out loud belly laugh.

Phteven. OMG.

PhtevenJack and I are currently editing his second movie, so I hope to bring that to you on Monday. Did you catch is first film? No? Okay, here you go.

Happy Friday, peeps. You too, Phteven.

Headboard and Shelving

We’ve been without a headboard since moving into this house nearly three years ago because we put the log bed in Jackson’s room. (Chuck built the log bed for us in 1999 and it now serves as the guest bed when folks come to visit.) We’ve spent months on Pinterest and other websites looking for inspiration. The original plan was a simple angled headboard. Then it blew up to much more.

Once he had the sketch, he bought the wood and got started measuring, cutting, and sanding.

Headboard in progress

Once it was put together, he painted it a soft gray/white to go well with our gray walls and  installed lighting above and below the top shelf.


I selected the fabric for the angled headboard, which was really my only involvement.

Headboard He installed the headboard on Saturday, anchoring it to the wall.

Installing the headboard

It’s so beautiful, though I knew it would be. There’s no before picture (my mistake!) but all you have to imagine is a blank, gray wall. It was void of anything, so it was literally a clean slate.

Finished bedroom 1 The canvas photo was taken at Hug Point during our anniversary trip last October. We were laying on a grassy knoll above a waterfall that flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Finished bedroom 2I love that he builds stuff.  And I love that he’s already looking for inspiration for his next project: a sliding bookcase as a secret door.

Well, I guess we’ll start school…

While I watched parents and kids buy school supplies in late-July, I balked at the idea of even thinking about school. No way would we start in early August or even mid-August. It is a crime against nature.

But, now that we’re approaching the last week of August, I see that it makes sense to get a-move-on. The boys have been registered with the umbrella school for several weeks and I have much of their curriculum already. I’ve counted out the weeks and days (180 days of school are required by law) and August 26 seems like a good day to start. Plus, I start my own fall semester of grad school on Monday, so the boys and I will enter the trenches together.

I’ve been perusing Pinterest lately for school ideas and have come across some really clever teaching tools, particularly for art projects. I won’t bore you with that stuff, but instead I’ll share some of my favorite Pinterest finds that I’ve pinned to the boys’ board.

Every single morning:Coffee first From Aslan Hard Literature Making the choice Art project? Terrarium idea I feel a Salem/Major photo coming on… Thor and Loki(The link to Pinterest is in the righthand column.)


He’s the boss of Major.

This mischief happened earlier in the week. I considered it a challenge of authority:Major on the tableBut then this happened shortly after, and then I was reminded of who’s really in charge:Who's the bossIn other news, I saw something on Pinterest that I had to try. Actually, there are dozens of things on Pinterest that I’d like to try, but this seemed doable. Instead of tossing my romaine lettuce cores in the garbage, I stuck them in water and placed the glasses on the window sill. I was surprised to discover that the lettuce leaves actually grew back.

Growing lettuceThey aren’t spectacularly long lettuce leaves, and it’s taken a while for them to grow, but nonetheless it worked.

And finally, I got word today that the insurance claim to cover Jeremy’s hearing aid was denied. This is a very expensive denial, so I will be putting on my boxing gloves and going into the ring to fight it.

Inspire me.

We all know how addictive Pinterest can be. Good gracious, I could waste a day clicking links, searching, reading, re-pinning. I force myself to take substantial breaks from Pinterest, even entire weeks away, just so I can come up with my own ideas instead of piggy-backing off of others.

However, there is some really good advice out there and I thought I’d share a few favorites pins today. I’m particularly pensive this week, partly because we’re quarantined on account of Jeremy’s flu and partly because the books I’m reading for Lent are rocking my socks off.


Things I take for granted

Guess who moved

Don't look back

ImproveI would be remiss if I didn’t signify today with a dual “Happy Birthday” to both my nephew and sister-in-law. Cheers and love to you!

I was trying to wait until October.

If y’all know me in real life, or if we’re longtime friends on Facebook, then you probably know about my candy corn problem.

It’s bad.

It’s so bad that I gave myself a rule this year: No candy corn until October. No mid-September sugar coma.

Then Chuck went to Target. He thought he was being nice.

In other news, I’m planning a baby shower, which I haven’t done since Pinterest was created, so I’m completely engrossed in all the new ideas out there for event planning. Oh Internet, you are so creative!

One Day

A handful of my friends are carrying an unreal amount of stress, unfairly so, and I wish I could swish it all away for them. These ladies are like family to me, and while I offer support, advice and love, sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough.

I found this on Pinterest a few days ago and immediately thought of my girls. It’s also a good reminder for me, so I thought I’d share it with you.

And in the meantime, while we wait for answers…

Insomnia, You’ve Done It Again

What’s more fun than laying awake in bed for two hours trying to fall asleep? How about waking up at 1 a.m. and laying awake for two hours trying to fall BACK to sleep? Yeah. That’s SUPER FUN.

That’s right, my faithful foe Insomnia has set up residence again in my bedroom. Of all the things I inherited from the Treadway side of the family, including my stubbornness, this is the one thing I could do without. (Sorry Dad, Gloria, and Mamaw.) It’s 8:15 p.m. and all I want to do is go to bed. It’s been days since I’ve had a good night’s rest, even with all of these wonderful trees around me. Instead, I read and pin creative things to my Pinterest board.

Creative things like this:

Sweet dreams to all of you non-insomniacs. Dad, Gloria and Mamaw, I’ll be thinking of you at 3 a.m.

The Love Story Continues

I mentioned last week on Facebook that I’m having a relationship with my jar of Nutella but I wanted to make it completely public with this adorable print I found on Etsy.

I’ve joined Pinterest, so naturally I pinned this little love token to my board. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board to place all of the things I find interesting/creative/beautiful/etc. Instead of ripping pages out of a magazine and pinning them to the cork board, you just “pin it” to your “board” online. Genius!

Also, the house is now officially and entirely unpacked now that I found a bookshelf for the formal living room. (That one corner of the room has been an eyesore since we moved in.)  I’ll take pictures today when the afternoon sunlight is at its brightest.