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First Romp in the Gulf at Miramar Beach, Destin

Our life feels crazy sometimes, but after nearly a decade into Chuck’s job, I’ve learned to go with the flow. Our original plans for family vacation didn’t involve Destin, and then the back-up plan to Destin didn’t include Chuck. All the whiplash in the planning phase came to a head two days before our planned departure. Long story short, we spent… Read more →

When Donald Trump says he doesn’t know those women, I believe him.

Upon hearing or seeing something outrageous from a presidential candidate, I do what everyone else does: I vent to like-minded people so my outrage is effectively validated. The second thing I do is look at the comment/action/gesture through the lens of a woman raising two boys. Then I translate that comment/action/gesture into a teaching point – what can I do as a mother… Read more →

12 going on 45

From his earliest years of talking, all the way to five minutes ago, Jeremy has been a curious, inquisitive, chatty kid. I cannot recall a single exchange between the two of us that ever resulted in contented silence. There is always a follow-up question, a petition, a clarification, an appeal. Sometimes I entertain them, sometimes I don’t. For example, when… Read more →

Moving forward with confidence

Our plans for the next school year are coming together and I’ve never been this confident before with homeschooling. I cannot sing higher praises of our new co-op. The people, the classes, the opportunity – they have all filled a big gap in our long-range education plan and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m especially happy with the classes offered… Read more →

How not to raise a Josh Duggar

When the first news about Josh Duggar broke earlier this year, I was rapt with curiosity. Questions swirled and surfaced. What makes an older sibling experiment sexually on his younger siblings? What key elements of upbringing were missing from his childhood? What conversations were either had or not had that left him feeling like inappropriately touching his sisters was the most accessible form of… Read more →

Nature Love

We’ve settled into a summer routine of sorts. Math drills in the morning, then chores, then sporadic times of electronics and playing outside. Meals whenever. I’m saying yes more than I’m saying no, which seems like a fair deal for summer break. I woke up yesterday morning itching to go outside, so we loaded up and drove to a nearby nature… Read more →

Female nudity and preteen boys

Oh yay. A documentary about early Native American history showed a quick image of young women with their babies and toddlers… and no one was wearing any clothes.  I wish I could’ve recorded the look on Jeremy’s and Jackson’s exasperated faces in complete panic as they spun around and shielded their eyes, as if I’d just shown them the bloody entrails of a… Read more →

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