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Medal No. 16

For the first time in my long-distance running experience, I thought the race would be cancelled. The weather forecast ranged from a 70-90 percent chance of thunderstorms every hour for ten hours straight. There was no way around it. The race would go on rain or shine, but thunder and lightning would close it down. By the time I went… Read more →

Medal No. 15 from The Santa Hustle

December has been a good month for our family. It started with the most amazing experience ever at Lambeau Field, then Jeremy killed his first deer – a five-point buck. Then yesterday, I ran my 15th race. First of all, I scarcely trained. I do not recommend not training for a race and today I have the sore knees to… Read more →

Favorite Thing: Yoga with Adriene

My relationship with Yoga is long and sordid. We’ve been on-again, off-again for years. I’ve tried to make it work. I’ve put in extra effort, and I’ve half-assed it. I dabble, then I quit. Yoga and I are just so complicated, so combative. Yoga’s all, “Come on, try me again,” and I’m all, “No. You suck.” And then I found Adriene.… Read more →

Medal No. 14

I ran in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon yesterday morning as part of a relay team, which is the first time I’ve ever run a race with partners. Usually running is my singular thing – no teamwork required, just me from start to finish. However, a few months ago I started asking my running friends if they’d be interested in… Read more →

Medal No. 13

First of all, I’ve added a new page to this site dedicated to running – the races I’ve run in the past, why I started running in the first place, what it means to me to cross a finish line… If you’re interested, check it out. I’m shocked to report that my 13th race went smoothly. More than smoothly. It… Read more →

Medal No. 12 and Race Report

The odds were not in my favor. I’d not trained as well as I should have and whatever is spawning in East Tennessee right now invaded my sinuses with a massive army. The pressure in my ears is unreal. Chuck’s work travel schedule interrupted my travel plans to Middle Tennessee and that meant childcare had to be rearranged. And then… Read more →

Time to Train

It’s hard to believe I went a full year without running a race. Even though I participated in an 8K in 2013, I did not earn a medal, and I’ve been grappling with that frustration for months. This is my medal collection to date: One full marathon and ten half marathons. I love this display dearly. Chuck commissioned an artist… Read more →

I’ve joined the club.

These were my doctor’s exact words on Thursday: “I don’t want to use the word extreme, but that’s pretty much what we’re talking about. You now have to go above and beyond.” It was at my annual appointment, where I whined and complained about how my body seems completely different from what it was just two years ago. She told… Read more →


I’m happy to report that Major is getting better and better at walking on a leash. In fact, I love taking on short-distance runs. He’s done so well with – SQUIRREL! – walking on his Gentle Leader that it’s been a pleasure to take him to the park. The only thing – SQUIRREL! – that we’re still working on is… Read more →

On improving my flexibility

There is a double meaning in that headline, so hang on tight. I’m in the middle of a running sabbatical brought on by shin splints. I’ve never had shin splints before so I was hesitant to label my lower leg pain as such. But after consulting my chiropractor about it (and making sure nothing was fractured), she confirmed that it… Read more →

Instead of Dublin

I’ve been perusing half marathon lists for the last week trying to pin down a race. After seven years of running, I’ve learned that it’s essential to have some sort of goal to run towards (literally) if I have any intention of ever running farther than three miles. I’m leaning towards something in Kentucky or Ohio, but I’m totally daydreaming… Read more →


We’ve been going to a new church for a little more than a month now, and by new I mean new in several ways. It’s the first church we’ve attended on a regular basis since moving back to east Tennessee last spring and it’s a denomination with which neither Chuck nor I have experience. Because it’s all new, we’re attending… Read more →

10 Precious Medals

Chuck gave me the Precious Medals shadowbox a year and a half ago (he commissioned an artist and everything!), and it’s taken me that long to add two more to the collection. Since the inside of the box is complete, he screwed hooks into the bottom of the frame for my Atlanta and Knoxville medals. Thanks, hon. I love, love,… Read more →

Wife Mother Runner

Chuck bought this pendant for me at the race expo two weeks ago in Atlanta. I adore it. It fits perfectly alongside my signature J. As I prepare for another half marathon this weekend, I keep thinking about running another full. The amount of devotion required for 26 miles is far more than twice the amount needed for a half.… Read more →

Race Report: the Georgia Publix Half Marathon

Hills. OMG HILLS. Did I know there’d be hills? No. No I didn’t. There were more hills on this course than I knew even existed in downtown Atlanta. Anyway, now that we’ve covered that part, I’ll tell you that the half marathon was darn near perfect. From training and travel arrangements to race day weather and finish time. I crossed… Read more →

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